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Fulfilling winter holiday life composition

Time: 2020-01-30 Recommended visit : Winter Holiday Composition

Long-awaited Winter Holiday It's finally here, and the idea to relax a bit is born.

But, on the first afternoon of the holiday, I haven't come to watch a cartoon yet. Dad Mum began to discuss my winter vacation study plan. The excitement just now disappeared without any trace. My mood became dull, but in a blink of an eye, it was probably that my final grades were not tested well.For reasons, my parents are not satisfied with my current academic performance, so naturally I have to make up for lessons, so let's face it. The first day of the winter vacation started as planned.

In the morning, my mother woke me up gently at 7 in order to make the most of my time. I said, "Mom, I still want to sleep!" Mom said lovingly, "Your eyes are closed, I miss you."In this way, she read me the English texts again and again to help me remember the words and familiarize with the sentence patterns. My drowsiness gradually disappeared, and I usually got up after more than 20 minutes. After washing, my mother went to counsel meOne semester of mathematics content-the volume of the cylinder. I was very interested in this part of the content, so I listened very carefully. After each math class, my mother always "forced" me to run 50 steps on the treadmill.Then let go of the music and beat with the rhythm of the music, she danced so well, and I really envy her beautiful dance.

After the break, my mother found some related practice questions for me to do. When I saw my mother was so serious, I secretly worked harder and worked hard on the problem. When I could n’t, I asked, and my mother alsoAlways explain to me patiently, and teach me how to do it easily and not easily.

Everyday at noon, I have lunch. I can watch one or two episodes of TV series. My mother always tells me what I do n’t understand in the TV series. Maybe it ’s because my mother wants me to be inspired. In the afternoon, my father will take office.When my language teacher was over, he took a Chinese paper and asked me to do it. After I seriously finished the paper, he gave me 78 points. Then he helped me analyze the problems in the paper and told me to read.There are too many points in the question, 48 points lost 11 points, and said that in the future I will conduct special training on reading questions. Dad also instructed me how to write well Composition . He spent more than 500 yuan to register for a station, let me listen to the composition lectures of special teachers, in the explanations of special teachers, he also inserted a sentence or two "Do you understand?" "I have a few questions about reading composition. "After reading it, my father asked me to practice writing a composition and asked me to modify it over and over again until he was satisfied. Evening time is the time for me to complete my homework for winter vacation. But sometimesMy mother still has the phenomenon of "preemption" of time. She taught me to learn English texts and asked me to read the texts with a tape recorder. After I read them well, I wrote the words that I didn't know. Before going to bed, my mother didn't let go.content.

This day looks very tense, but in fact it doesn't feel that way. I feel so relaxed and very fulfilling. I hope I can spend this day in the future!