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400 characters for New Year's Eve

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New Year's Eve Yuecheng sincerely wishes, the future is healthy and beautiful, the family reunion is like sweet, happy new year! The following is the New Year's Eve organized by Xiaobian Composition , welcome your reference!

New Year's Eve Composition 1

Today is New Year's Eve, every family posted it in front of the door Couple , set off firecrackers. In the evening, you will have a rare reunion dinner.

In the afternoon, my brother and I set off fireworks downstairs. The fireworks were one by one. I took one in my hand and the other hand lit the firework with a lighter. At the moment, the top of the firework spurted out.The colorful sparks and the changing colors seemed to be spectacular, from yellow to red for a while; from purple to blue for a while; from green to yellow for a while ... "Papapa-" A sudden deafening firecracker sounded like a thunder, scaring me and my brotherIt turned out that the neighbors were setting off firecrackers.

I ’m going to have a reunion dinner right away. The round table is filled with good wine and dishes, and there are fragrant smells. The table has chicken, duck, beef, and fish in "more than a year."Fragrant and crisp bamboo shoots; green and white cabbage; milky white taro. If you smell it carefully, you can also smell a thick chicken soup. The chicken soup can also supplement your body and is very nutritious. AndIt ’s delicious and delicious, so I like chicken soup the best. See, it ’s sour and sour, and there ’s such a nutritious soup. This reunion rice is really colorful!

In the evening, our whole family is sitting on the sofa and watching Chinese New Year The gala party, the funny sketch made me laugh, and the wonderful dance and songs made people feel relaxed and fat. The whole family was intoxicated by the laughter.

New Year's Eve Composition 2

Today is New Year's Eve, the favorite day for our little children, because there are many activities on this day, but it is lively! I urge in the morning Dad Mom hurry up to post the Spring Festival couplet, because I can't wait to see what the Spring Festival couplet is about at home this year. The Shanghai Couplet is "Yutu resigns to the Moon Hall", the second couplet is "Golden Dragon Welcomes the Spring to the World", and the horizontal batch is "Golden Dragon Offering".After a while, I suddenly noticed that there were snowflakes floating outside. I quickly put on my down jacket, put on a hat, put on my boots, fully armed, rushed downstairs, ran up and down excitedly, stretched out my palm to catch the snow, liftedLook at the snow.

Finally, the most lively moment-at night, we had a reunion dinner with our grandparents. The dishes were rich and delicious. When my grandparents gave me New Year's money, I wish my grandparents a happy New Year and everything goes well!

After dinner, we went downstairs and set off fireworks. We just came downstairs and only heard a few crackling sounds. There were a lot of colorful pictures in front of us. Some were like meteors and meteorites falling from the sky, some likeBlossoming chrysanthemums, and like a thousand-handed Goddess of Mercy. I also dared to light a kind of firework. Instantly, a colorful "meteor shower" sprinkled on the earth. I also raised a firework, which will emit a colorful flame., I shouted excitedly: "Light up the colorful torches and welcome the new year!"

CCTV's Spring Festival Gala begins, we are all sitting in front of the TV. Liu Qian's magic is always elusive, Yang Liping's dance is memorable, Fei Xiang and Jin Meier's songs are fascinating, Huang Hong ’sThe sketch is very funny ...

I fell asleep unconsciously when the New Year bell rang.

New Year's Eve Composition 3

I have long awaited New Year's Eve finally arrived. New Year's Eve is one of the most important festivals in China's traditional festivals. Cong Fang Winter Holiday Since the first day, we keep looking at the calendar and look forward to the arrival of New Year's Eve.

It ’s so easy to look forward to the dark sky. I ca n’t wait to get out of the hospital after eating reunion dinner. Finally, I can set off firecrackers and fireworks. Firecrackers and fireworks are one of my hobbies. When my New Year is approaching New Year, my father and grandma bought meA big bag of fireworks and firecrackers can be played every time. Mom said I am a firework fan.

My neighbor ’s sister and I placed sand cannons outside, dropped fire cannons, and fireworks for a while. I used an incense stick to drill a "Diamond Monkey" and a "Diamond Monkey" slammed a diamond.When it hits the sky, it slams into the sky with a pop. The earth blooms on the ground and turns a lot of circles, but it is beautiful. The various fireworks we lit, colorfully flying in the air, some like sparkling stars, some like brilliantSome rubies are like crystal sapphires. Time has passed a little, and fireworks have been reduced a little. In the end, there is only a big fireworks. To put it, you need an open space. There are cars everywhere in the community.Set off, I had no choice but to go home.

The clock is ringing at 12 o'clock, and the firecrackers outside the house have been rising for a while, and I am a year older. In the new year, I will study more seriously and live up to my parents ’wishes. New Year's Eve is really lively, I like itNew Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve Composition 4

Today is New Year's Eve. According to the customs of northerners, the first grade of the new year and middle school is to eat dumplings. After dinner, our family will make dumplings while watching the Spring Festival Gala.

I do n’t know how to make dumplings yet, just follow the adults to learn slowly. I picked up a dumpling skin and gently put it in the palm. Then I put a small dumpling stuffing in the center of the dumpling skin, and gently chop the stuffing with chopsticksCompacted into an oval ball, and then you can begin to close.

First lift the edge of the corresponding dumpling skin towards the center from the center of the dumpling stuffing, and close it tightly, then lift the dumpling skin tightly along the left and right sides of the dumpling stuffing, and finally close the sides of the dumpling.You need to fold the dumpling skin inward and squeeze it tightly to make the dumplings as round as possible. Finally, put the dumplings that have been closed between your hands and squeeze them gently to make them appear like ingots.The dumplings are packed. I just learned it and it ’s slow. When I wrapped one dumpling, my grandfather wrapped two dumplings. My grandfather also packed mice. Just a few clicks, the mice look a bit similar.That ’s great! I want to learn it, but I have n’t learned it for a long time.

Chinese New Year's Eve, Wanjia reunion, our family is happy to prepare the first breakfast in 2020 in the laughter of the Spring Festival Evening.

New Year's Eve Composition 5

As the saying goes: "Hundreds of miles are different, thousands of miles are different." In each region, there are different holiday customs. In China, New Year's Eve is the busiest.

New Year's Eve is a traditional festival in our country. It is the last day of the year, also known as the New Year's Eve. The firecrackers continue to be very lively on this New Year's Eve.

Now let me tell you how my family spends New Year's Eve!

On New Year's Eve, our home will be firecrackers. In the morning, I still sleep my laziness, my mother gets up early to clean the room, and my father also works with my mother. At noon, we still eat ordinaryRice. In the evening, it's lively and fun.

We will first take some white radishes, cut them into small pieces, put candles on them, then light it up and place them in all corners of the house. Then I will turn on all the lights at home. For dinnerWhen the time comes, all of us will go to the grandparents' house for a reunion dinner. After dinner, I will play firecrackers with friends or family.

Playing and playing, time hastily passed, we all went upstairs, but did not sleep, just playing upstairs.

At twelve o'clock in the evening, my dad went off firing firecrackers and lit fireworks. It was beautiful. After the fight, my dad took me to the temple. I do n’t know how to say.

This is my family's "New Year's Eve." New Year's Eve is always so unique and unforgettable!

New Year's Eve Composition 6

New Year's Eve represents reunion, happiness, and peace. New Year's Eve's family will gather to eat New Year's Eve, children and adults go to set off firecrackers, and adults will give children New Year's money. So everyone is immersed in a happy atmosphere.

Every new year's Eve will hang hanging money and spring couplets. Hanging money hangs on the eaves, and the wind blows, like a dancing red butterfly, which looks good. On New Year's Eve, every family cooks New Year's dishes, the smell of wine and meat is everywhere.

It is necessary to set off firecrackers before twelve o'clock in the evening. Legend has it that an animal called Nian will come down from the sky to eat people on New Year's Eve. If the firecrackers crackle, it will scare Nian away. HeI do n’t dare to eat people. So every family has to set off firecrackers during the New Year. After firing the cannon, go home and make dumplings. At 12 o’clock, the family sits together to eat New Year's Eve.Unless you ca n’t rush home, you have to eat together. Eating New Year's Eve represents a happy new year, Family and He Meimei. While eating, we will also welcome the arrival of the New Year. When the hands, minutes, and seconds hands point to 12 at the same time, the whole family cheers and celebrates the arrival of the New Year. After dinner, parents will give their children New Year's moneyAt this time, children are the happiest, because they can use the New Year's money to buy what they want. Adults still have to stay old, and only young children can sleep.

Just spent New Year's Eve in laughter.

New Year's Eve composition 7

Today is New Year's Eve, how much I look forward to this night, because it is a brilliant night. I got up in the morning and felt: Today, as if I heard the fairy playing the wonderful flute.

Time has passed by one minute and one second, and finally it is night. We are going to pick up the aunt. When I got to a certain road, I looked at the speedometer and it turned out to be 110 kilometers per hour! I was afraid and sighed in my heart.At the airport, we came to Terminal B. As soon as I went in, my mother saw the aunt. I was very happy and very happy! We picked up the aunt and we went home happily.

After returning home, my aunt and I set off fireworks on the balcony. The aunt said: Your fireworks must be longer than mine! However, the good times are not long. My fireworks are shorter than my aunt's time, which can make me angry.Broken! Later, my aunt and I went back to the house. I turned on my computer and played games again. However, I never expected that the clock would be ringing at that time. Suddenly, my father called me: "Come on, you have to ringThe clock is up! "I ran over with a leap, and finally got to the lobby, and saw the last second bell! It was a 30-year history that was permanently imprinted on our minds!Dumplings! We are happy while watching TV while eating delicious dumplings!

Finally, I wish the Chinese people a Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve composition 8

New Year's Eve, firecrackers break New Year's Eve, dazzling fireworks flicker in the sky, the sky is colorful and colorful. Fireworks in the sky are really dazzling and inaccessible. New Year's Eve also presents a cheerful scene.

"Come on! It's time to eat New Year's Eve!" Mom shouted at us outside the balcony with a dish of rice cake. "Oh, I know!" Then we ran to the dining table. "Wow! It ’s so rich! ”On the table, there were a lot of delicious dishes, including white-cut chicken that made me salivate, sweet and glutinous crystal dumplings, fragrant boiled fish, and ...… We were attracted by the abundance of delicacies and started to gobble them up, and within a short while, these dishes were "disc action".

Then, we went to set off the fireworks. Dad lit the lead with the sound of a lighter "嗤", the fireworks flew up into the sky, and the fireworks illuminated the entire sky instantly. Some were like fairy flowers,Some are like waterfalls flying down, some are like flashing meteors, some are like colorful rainbows, and some are like a golden dragon bursting into the sky like flowers, which are very beautiful.It looks like a few big Yingshanhongs, some like a silver necklace, and some like gold falling ...

New Year's Eve is a night of firecrackers, fire trees and silver flowers. It's really memorable! The night sky lets the fireworks and firecrackers shine colorfully, and people's joy and happiness can be enjoyed ...

New Year's Eve composition 9

Today is the 30th day of the Lunar New Year, New Year's Eve. I am very happy. In the New Year, I put on new clothes and jumped with my children. Jumping, I am really happy.

At night, my uncles and uncles came to my house, brought me a lot of delicious food, and gave me a lot of money for the New Year. To be honest, I really do n’t want to, because they are all old and earn some money.Money is not easy. I want to return the money to them, but they say nothing. At this time, my uncle said, "Show us a sketch." So I imitated a gorilla and a Wei for everyone.Three's sketches made my uncle and uncle laugh.

Unconsciously until 12 midnight, we all went out happily to set off fireworks, there were colored lights, diamond sky monkeys, and the night sky was very beautiful. After the fireworks, I went to eat the hinges, and I ate while eatingQ: "Uncle, why do you want to eat dumplings in the New Year?" The uncle replied: "Dumplings" and "Jiaozi" are homophonic.

I like to watch Xiaoyang's sketches the most. I waited for a long time and finally arrived. The sketches he performed with the famous comedian Zhao Benshan "not bad money" made me laugh sorely. I was so excited.I applauded.

What a wonderful New Year's Eve night! At this time I remembered the poem "Yanri" by Wang Anshi of the Song Dynasty: One year old in the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sent warmth to Tu Su. Thousands of families have always been newPeach trades old characters.

New Year's Eve Composition 10

Today is the New Year's Eve and the New Year's Eve, and the street is full of lively atmosphere.

At night, I was sitting on the sofa while eating melon seeds while watching the Spring Festival Gala, listening to my dad telling the origin of New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve is the night before the Spring Festival, also known as New Year's Eve, there is a legend: there was a vicious monster in ancient timesCalling Xi, he comes out to hurt people at the end of the year. Later, people knew that Xi was most afraid of red and sound. So on the evening of the thirtieth year, every family posted red spring couplets and set off firecrackers to drive off the Xixi beast in order to get a new one.The tranquility of the year. This habit has been passed down since then, and it is called New Year's Eve in the 30th year of the New Year.

I was eating candy while watching the party. When I was recalling the Spring Festival Gala for 30 years and the old and new actors were together, the clock was almost rushing to twelve. Tick and tick, the clock rings tenTwo times, my father and I quickly carried the fireworks prepared to the dojo outside the house. My father tore off the fireworks packaging, and I inserted my favorite fireworks in the sand beside the house. My father helped me light the fire.My dad and I both ran to the door and stood and watched the fireworks. I covered my ears and saw a colorful flower bursting into the sky. The first flower was like a heavenly girl scattered flower, the second flower was like a meteor shower, and the third flower was likeThe waterfall ... the sky is colorful and colorful! At this time, I saw the sky above every house glowing, and the room was brightly lit.

That's it, we spent a happy New Year's Eve in laughter!

New Year's Eve Composition 11

In the sound of firecrackers on the thirtieth of the twelfth lunar month, we ushered in Chinese New Year's Eve, the most magnificent festival in China. Everyone was beaming, hanging red lanterns and sticking red couplets.

I used to be the latest person to get up late, but today I got up at three o'clock. Because I was in a hurry to set off firecrackers and wanted to be the first person to set off firecrackers in the country, because it was not easy to fight for the first place in the country.The sound of firecrackers flew up into the sky invariably, the sound is so loud! The entire sky is surrounded by fireworks. Fireworks splash around, as if every blessing is to be sent to thousands of households, it is very lively!

After the firecrackers, my dad and I walked on the street cheerfully. The streets were lit with lights and they were very beautiful. People were full of festive atmosphere.

In the evening, my family watched the "Spring Festival Gala" with sketches, cross talks, wonderful acrobatics and songs and dances. Grandma laughed happily. Grandpa clapped and applauded. I was also happy to dance. My father smiled at me..

When the New Year's bell rings, the fireworks are flying in the sky, some are like big flowers blooming in the sky, some are like darts spinning in the sky, and some are like waterfalls falling from the sky. It is really beautiful.

With the sound of firecrackers, the new year has arrived and I am also a year old. In the new year, I will study harder and welcome the new year with excellent grades.