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1,000 words for New Year's Eve

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noisy New Year's Eve Visit relatives and friends, the new year is here again! Congratulations on your happy new year! Safe and auspicious every year! The following is the New Year's Eve organized by Xiaobian Composition , welcome your reference!

New Year's Eve Composition 1

Thirty years is an exciting day, the family is reunited, eating New Year's Eve, and welcoming the New Year. Of course I am no exception, I want to be with Dad Mom and her family spend the New Year together.

As soon as I stepped into the door, I saw my grandfather, sister, and uncle sitting leisurely on the sofa watching TV and eating snacks. So I also sat down and ate with them. After eating almost, my sister suggested: "Let ’s play flying chess." I responded immediately: "Great!" Then, my sister took out a blanket from the corner. Hey? How does flying chess play on the blanket? Oh, that's oneA flying chess blanket is much larger than an ordinary flying chess map, about 1 square meter. The flying chess pieces are also very large, and a chess piece is as large as the bottom of a small bowl. The dice is transparent and held in my small handJust right. Great! I have n’t played such a large flying chess yet! I ca n’t help but pick up the dice and cast it, and I see the dice rolling on the blanket like a little elf, for a whileIt stopped, there were exactly five small black dots on it.

Then, we started the game. In the first few rounds, my sister's luck was so good. When the dice stopped, the 6-point side was always facing up. My chess piece only took a few steps. My sister's four pieces.I successfully reached the finish line. In the next few games, I defeated and defeated my sister. I smashed my sister and lost. I lay on the ground and rolled the dice gently. The dice stopped after a while, and it was exactly six points., I played 1 chess piece and continued to roll the dice. Fortunately, it always seems to be on my side. After I cast the first six, I keep throwing six. My chess pieces have already fallen and my sister's pieces are still in the "home"., I took advantage of the chase and kept throwing some large numbers, and the pawn quickly reached the end. My sister was very unconvinced.

Oh, eat! I hurried to the dinner table and took a look-ah! The table is full of things I like to eat, sour, sweet, bitter and spicy: there are crispy jellyfish, delicious crabs, greasy ducksTongue, as well as delicious food such as fruit juice and abalone. I bite a duck tongue for a while, chew a jellyfish, and drink some juice by the way.

After eating Chinese New Year's Eve, we rested for a while and went out to display fireworks. There were snow and goose feathers in the sky, which made people feel happy. We braved the snow, walked to the square, put down two giant fireworks, lit the leads., The sky is violently exploding, and the colorful Mars is falling down with the rising snowflakes. Do n’t have a festive atmosphere. I watched the fireworks and piled snowballs, preparing to have a snowball fight with my sister. After the fireworks were finished, I picked up and preparedSnowball, ran towards my sister. My sister saw through my intentions and ran away. I chased my sister and threw snowballs at her. My sister was blown into the water and escaped into the path because I did n’t see her.I knew the road, so I didn't dare to chase it in. So I went back to the square in despair.

After the fireworks, we should go home. I reluctantly got into the car and sat with my grandparents, admiring the snow scene, thinking: this kind of event is only once a year, I will cherish it in the future. Jin CancanLights illuminate snowflakes like blossoming catkins to celebrate Chinese New Year , welcome the new year.

New Year's Eve Composition 2

In the sound of firecrackers, laughter, and screams, we ushered in our Chinese annual great festival-New Year's Eve. Time is hurrying, happy 2019 is gradually leaving us, and now we are welcome to the happy 2020Year. The night before New Year's Eve, I couldn't sleep excitedly, thinking about the rich New Year's Eve dinner tomorrow, the sound of firecrackers ringing through the earth, the fireworks of the whole sky ... gradually entered the dreamland!

"Slackers! Get up, let's go to the park!" My aunt's "alarm bell" awakened my dream, but I wasn't angry at all, I cleaned myself up and down and ran downWhen I got upstairs, I urged my relatives to hurry up. Uncle looked at me and said, "This child is usually very quiet. Why is this so lively now?" Dad answered with a smile: "This is showing her monkeyIt ’s nature! "We drove to the park, and the park was illuminated with lights, and the atmosphere of the Spring Festival was revealed everywhere. On the ground, Cao Er had already looked out and put a green coat on the earth; on the branches, flowersThe buds are waiting to be put, just to add a colorful halo to the branches. I suddenly remembered the ancient poem "Yuanri", a poet of the Song Dynasty Wang Anshi, who just learned: "One year old in the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sends warm people to Tu Su." "QianmenEvery day, I always change the new peaches to old ones. "The grandfather who was the teacher immediately followed the next sentence. Everyone on the side praised," The two grandchildren are awesome! "So, the family was cheering.A pleasant morning in laughter

The hearty New Year's Eve dinner begins! Adults are busy serving dishes, and I also help set the tableware next to me. My mother said that everyone will work together to eat more delicious food. At this time, IIt's like a "great money" mouse and a "greedy" kitten, because the theme of Chinese New Year's Eve is: Sending New Year's Money. I said the corresponding blessings to everyone and got the New Year's money.Then, I gave the money to my mother, and the mother would save it for me and pay me the tuition. After the blessing was over, with the grandfather's "action", we picked up the chopsticks and ate it. During the dinner, I sawI went to my parents to cook dishes for my grandparents, and asked them what they like to eat. I followed the example of a dish for my mom. My mother smiled and raised my thumb.

After New Year's Eve, our whole family watched the "Spring Festival Gala" next to the TV. The show was wonderful, with beautiful songs, humorous crosstalk, funny sketches, exciting acrobatics,There was also a dazzling magic that made me dazzled and completely immersed in the party. When it was close to zero, my dad ran us downstairs quickly, and at the moment when the second pointed at 12 o'clock, the sound of firecrackers and fireworks bloomed. EachThe sound of local artillery was deafening, and it lasted for more than an hour before it became slightly quieter.

The lively New Year's Eve in 2020 ends slowly with the night, and I reluctantly enter the dreamland. In the dream, our family has started the lively New Year's Eve again. I like this traditional festival and love gatherings.It's sweet, it's beautiful ...

New Year's Eve Composition 3

The Spring Festival that arrives every year is here, but the most memorable thing is the New Year's Eve night full of strong annual flavor.

New Year's Eve is a traditional Chinese festival. Every day, relatives in the distance will return home to reunite with their loved ones, and eat a family dinner. It means that the family will always be together, love each other, and be happy.

In the evening, I ate New Year's Eve dinner, and the whole family watched the CCTV Spring Festival Gala together. At 12 o'clock the bell rang suddenly, a firecracker sound of "crapping" was imprinted in the ears, I ran to the window to see, wowThe sound of firecrackers and fireworks fluttered one after another, as if saying goodbye to the past year. My curiosity led me to the window. The most remarkable thing is the "non-flower but better than flower"Fireworks.

More than a dozen fireworks pointed directly at the sky, and a few "gold sands" sprayed out, blooming proudly in the air. Red orange yellow green blue blue purple, everything is beautiful, colorful, the night sky is beautiful, beautiful, and the earth is illuminatedIt's like daylight. "Tong!" A big red fireball rose on the ground. It flew into the air, and a "snap" turned into millions of small Mars splashing, dragging long, flashingThe tail fell slowly, like a flying butterfly, swirling from the air; like a dandelion scattered by the wind, I do n’t know which naughty ghost, painted them with colorful colors ... "Tongtong!" "Oh!"Look! The glowing, colorful flames are dragging their long tails, scrambling and scurrying up and down the night sky; lo and behold! There is a" daughter of heaven "and there is a" peacock on the screen "! WowLook at the "Buds to be released" ...

The sky suddenly became a "flower" garden, the "flower" ocean, dazzling, fire tree silver flowers, how beautiful! What a lively New Year's Eve night! "嗖, 嗖, 嗖", accompanied by a clear soundThe beautiful fireworks held a beautiful long tail. After drawing a series of arches in the sky, they "sparkled". The fireworks are colorful and exciting, and the festive night sky is decorated into a beautiful big garden! Some are like fairyScattered flowers, clusters, burst into the sky, and slowly fall down; some like autumn chrysanthemums, roses, purple and thousands of strange, and strange; some like small meteors, slammed into the sky, and disappeared into the night sky....

The earth and the sky suddenly seemed to explode and boil. The various festive sounds were connected into one, like a symphony that sounded through the sky. It was really good! The firecrackers were not to be outdone, "Pap, Pap, PapThe sounds echoed in the sky. Both gunfire and firecrackers went straight into the night sky and danced in the air. The voice on this side was weak, and the other voice rose again and again. The sound of firecrackers and firecrackers continued.Converge into a cheerful and harmonious symphony, adding a beautiful landscape to this boundless night scene.

The dazzling fireworks flicker in the air, the sound of firecrackers is deafening, the lights are bright, and the colorful fireworks reflect the earth and the sky. Does this gorgeous color symbolize the brilliant future of our motherland?

New Year's Eve Composition 4

Listen, "Crap, crack ..." With the sound of a firecracker, a flash of colorful flashes appeared in the sky, illuminating the entire town. It is another happy New Year's Eve, and another beautiful one.Years. People in the hometown are immersed in the festive atmosphere of joy, celebration, happiness, and happiness. Eating rice cakes – every year on the New Year's Eve, every family must have a reunion dinner. No matter how busy people are, it must be on this dayCome back on time and have a family reunion dinner together.

In my hometown, eating rice cakes is an indispensable food for reunion dinner. Because rice cakes are a homonym with "year-old", which symbolizes the year-on-year rise. So every family pays special attention. In order to make this food, grandpaNo matter it rains or snows, you must dig up fresh bamboo shoots in your own bamboo forest on New Year's Eve; grandma, go to a market ten miles away early in the morning to buy fresh pork, leeks that symbolize "longevity",A carrot that symbolizes "good color." Grandma cuts the rice cakes one by one, cuts the pork into small pieces of shredded pork, and is served with shredded carrots and leeks. Ready to work, the family sits around the Eight Immortals table, and grandma startsFried rice cakes. After a while, the fragrant fried rice cakes are out: white and bright rice cake shreds, red carrots, green leek sticks, all colors and flavors. I spit 3,000 feet of saliva, my appetite is wide, straight to the bowlOnly then did he put down the chopsticks. Grandma watched us eat deliciously, and the wrinkles on her face were like blooming flowers.

Eating fish-Every year, there are more fish is also a main course in the home reunion dinner. About Laba, grandma began to prepare. What grass carp, catfish, eel, carp, grandma will buy when you see it in the marketShe cut open the fish one by one and washed them. In the corridor on the second floor, she used nylon rope to pass through the mouth of the fish and lined up the line one by one to hang and dry. I wondered why the grandmother did this, but the grandma laughed.Without saying a word. Today, my grandma made a braised fish again. I was about to eat up the fish, and the grandma on the side was anxious to hold my chopsticks. "Why?" I said aggrieved. Grandma just told meAnswer: "As the saying goes, there is more than one year after year, so the fish must be left, which means that more money can be made in the new year." Oh, no wonder the grandmother who always saves is full of fish in the corridor,It turned out to be an auspicious word-more than one year after year, more year after year ... Bringing blessing "Bringing blessing" is also a compulsory course on New Year's Eve. After dinner, the whole family must reunite together to guard the age, also known as "boil fortune".

This night, the lights in all the rooms in the house must be on. The brighter the better, Grandma said that the God of Wealth would throw Yuanbao to anyone who sees the lights. The whole family would not sleep except the children who could sleep early.The deeper the night, the more blessed the new year is. Although these are only legends, they express people's longing for a better life. The fun of hometown New Year's Eve not only made me appreciate a kind of natural simplicity, but also gave meA lively history song, culture class!