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Describe the composition of the fourth grade of the Spring Festival

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Chinese New Year It is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, which has been continually passed down from generation to generation, and finally gradually became a long-lasting traditional culture in China. The following is the fourth grade describing the Spring Festival Composition Let ’s take a look!

Composition describing the Spring Festival 1

Looking for the stars, looking for the moon, and finally looking forward to the annual New Year's Eve Night.

Mother brought a big pot of hot pot, so good, and finally started eating midnight! I picked up a pair of chopsticks in one hand and went to my favorite sea fish. Grandpa quickly stood up and said: "Fish can not eat, becauseYear after year, do you understand? Only in this way can the New Year be auspicious. "

"crackle" I saw fireworks outside, wow, it's really beautiful and positive! By the way, I also know why New Year's Eve firecrackers. This is because there is a monster called Nian in ancient times, it will come out every New Year's Eve 30Cannibalism, but they are not afraid of a family, because they put on spring couplets, dressed in red clothes, and set off firecrackers, and dared to run the year into the sea. In the end, thousands of families have learned from that family.Do n’t dare to come out and do it again.

After watching the Spring Festival Gala, everyone started to sleep again. Because I was looking forward to the arrival of the Spring Festival, I could n’t sleep. I suddenly found something cool next to my ear. I turned on the light and it turned out to be a red envelope.My mother woke up again, "Why don't you sleep?" I answered: "I can't sleep. Oh, by the way, why give red envelopes on New Year's Eve?" The mother replied: "This is because there is a legend that a ghost arrives every yearIn the morning, the children will feel a headache and have a high fever. And people have come up with a way. This day the ghost came again. When the ghost came to the child and was about to poison, the red envelope next to the child was distributed.A golden light scared the ghost away. "" Oh, that's what it is. "" Now go to bed now! "So, I obediently entered the dream of beauty with full of longing ...·

I'm on New Year's Eve, like a mouse loves rice!

Composition describing the Spring Festival 2

New Year's Eve, the street has already been dressed in red. The doors of every house are covered with lanterns and Chinese knots. The words of blessing on the doors and walls are shining with gold. Couple ! The window grilles dress up the house as beautiful girls, and the whole country is immersed in celebration!

My house is no exception. All the furniture in the house is shiny and shiny, like new ones. The ground is also cleaned by us, there is no dust, pray good luck next year.

To prepare the New Year's Eve dinner, my mother said: "New Year's Eve dinner must eat rice balls, which means reunion." Grandpa makes rice balls stuffing, Dad Knead the powder, Grandma, Mom and I rub the dumplings. Mom suggested that we come to a competition to see who is round, fast and good. In the end, Grandma ’s craft is the best. Looking at Grandma ’s work, I had to go out of my way.The grandmother said, "Write a date in the dumplings. Whoever eats it is the luckiest person this year." I thought secretly, I hope the person who eats the dates is me!

In the evening to eat New Year ’s Eve dinner, Grandpa, the top chef, has already prepared hearty dishes, and each dish has auspicious, "more than every year", "healthy and happy", etc., it can be said that Shanzhen is delicious! Eat rice ballsSuddenly, I tasted a sweet jujube in my mouth, and I cried in surprise: "I have jujube!" The relatives clapped, and my mother said: "Bless our sweet treasure, I hope you are luckyGod cares for you. "I hugged my mother happily.

In the window, we are happy and enjoy the joy of the world; outside the window, the lights are bright, the sound of fireworks and firecrackers is one after the other, the colorful fire is soaring into the sky, forming a beautiful picture! The Spring Festival is really lively, very beautiful, I hope every dayAll so happy!

Composition describing Spring Festival 3

My most desirable holiday is the Spring Festival. Because the Spring Festival means that my father is back, our family can be reunited; the Spring Festival means that we can wear beautiful new clothes, so that each of us is beautiful; the Spring Festival means that we canPlay with your friends as much as you like until you are full of joy ...

On the day of the first year of junior high school, my sister and I got up early and happily put on the new clothes prepared by our mother for us. Both of us and our sister turned left and right again in front of the mirrorIt ’s been a long time. Then we put all the garbage in the bag in a bag, because my grandmother said that you ca n’t dump the garbage before the fifth day, which is a “provision fund”, which means that we can make a fortune in the new year.

On this day, my sister and I are also looking forward to the guests coming to my house early. Several aunts will come to my house to light candles and bring a variety of delicious snacks to me and my sister. Of course, the most exciting thing is our cousinsWe can finally get together and play frantically.

Look, some of our little friends hold a fairy stick in their hands, and we ca n’t wait to call Dad to light the line of fire for us. "Cracking ..." With the bursts of crisp sounds, the fairy stick in our hands suddenly exploded.The flowers bloomed, and exquisite and beautiful patterns were sprayed. It was so dreamy, it seemed to take us into a fairy tale. This is really fun. Later, even the aunts and their adults could not help joining our team, Even more exciting than us! At this moment, adults and children are singing and laughing. Haha, the adults are still childlike!

The Spring Festival is always so lively, fun, I love the Spring Festival!

Composition describing the Spring Festival 4

One year old except for the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sends warmth into the Tusu. The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival of the Chinese nation. It is a day of family reunion, joy and peace. However, with the improvement of material living standards, the pace of life has accelerated.Many forms have been simplified, so we can always hear someone saying: "The taste of the year is weak." In order to better feel the taste of the year, several of our classmates planned a, Send blessings "as the theme of the event.

The rural area can feel the new year more than the city, so I invited the students to come to my grandma ’s house. As soon as I arrived at the grandma ’s house, the students were busy with their work. Some of them wrote Spring Festival couplets and blessing characters.A little calligrapher; some of the hanging lanterns and window grilles are like professional scene designers, and some are transformed into "master chefs", who together with their mothers make traditional food such as marshmallows and candied gourds.New Year.

Just finished working here, the self-directed and self-directed "He Xinchun" mini party will start again. Each student has prepared a variety of programs, sweet piano music, beautiful dances, happy chorus ..., The whole living room is full of festive celebrations.

Of course, we do n’t forget to send "blessings" while enjoying the joy. We came to the community and sent Spring Festival couplets and empty couples in the community, retired old party members and community workers who still stick to their jobs.Blessed characters, looking at the smiles they moved, our hearts are warm.

Taste the New Year, congratulate the New Year, send blessings, we will spend this Spring Festival like this!

Composition describing Spring Festival 5

We Chinese people have many ancient traditional festivals, the most important of which is the Spring Festival. The first year of the first lunar year of the Chinese lunar month is the Spring Festival.

The Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year, actually starts on the 30th day of the New Year. Every day, people first have to clean up outside their homes, the purpose is to sweep away all the dust and filth of the year. Then, every householdTo put a red spring couplet on the door frame, you must also put the door god or the word "fu" on the door, and the word "fu" must also be posted backwards. When passers-by read "blessed", it means "Here is the blessing. "In the evening, relatives who hurried home from all directions were reunited, eating a sumptuous New Year's Eve dinner, enjoying the wonderful Spring Festival Gala program, the family was happy, waiting for the New Year's bell to ring.

At twelve o'clock, the Spring Festival Gala reached its climax. The New Year's bell sounded, which means that the new year began, and we grew up one year old. People inadvertently set off firecrackers outdoorsFireworks were fired, the crackling sound of "crackling crackers" was deafening, and colorful fireworks bloomed in the night sky.

In the morning of the first grade of the junior high school, adults and children will change into new clothes, and some will wear new shoes and new hats. Then, the children will bow to the elders and the elders will come up with ""New Year's Money" is given to him her. It is said that New Year's Money can suppress evil spirits, because "Sui" and "Zuo" are homophonic, and the juniors can spend a year safely with the New Year's money.Look at the community fire on the street. There are dragon dances, lion dances, stilts, dry boat rides, big head dolls and drums. When a long dragon passes through the street, the adults pull the children from the long dragonDrilled underneath, I heard that the dragon would be safe and auspicious for a year. From the second grade of the junior high school to the seventh day, people took gifts and walked with relatives and friends, and sent new year wishes to relatives and friends.

This is how the Spring Festival is in my hometown. Every year, our children look forward to the Spring Festival.

Composition describing Spring Festival 6

"Cracking", I was awake by a burst of firecrackers in my sleep, "Now they are banned, who is still so bold?" I whispered softly, rolled over and prepared to go to sleep. Mom pulled awayCurtain, "New Year's Eve!" Oh, yes, today is New Year's Eve! I quickly put on my clothes and greeted the arrival of the New Year.

When I have breakfast, the sound of firecrackers is endless. I can't help but think of Wang Anshi's "Yuanri": The sound of firecrackers is one year old, and the spring breeze sends warmth to Tu Su. Thousands of households and pupils always change the new peach.What should I do now? Of course, I use the new peach to replace the old one. I took out the spring couplet, let my dad stick the double-sided tape, and when he attached the door frame, he reversed the top and bottom couplet of the spring couplet. I quickly reminded him:"It's the opposite, the opposite. I have only heard that 'Fu' has fallen, and I haven't heard that Spring Festival couplets have fallen! You see, Shanglian: Shunjing has rich financial resources every year, and Xilian: Ping An has a long and happy life." DadDisappointedly asked: "How do you know which is the upper link and which is the lower link? Are you particular?" "Of course! The last word of the upper link is flat, the last word of the lower link is flat. The upper link is on the right, and the lower link is on the left.Therefore, this 'year-old Shun Jing Cai Yuan Guang' should be posted on the right! "Listening to what I said was true, my father was convinced to take it orally. All the households also posted window grilles and spring couplets. The strong taste of the year makes me more excited.Excited.

In the evening, our family eats New Year's Eve dinner together. When I listened to the meal, I quipped: "This year we can't give people a New Year's greeting. Because this year is the year of the rooster, 'Weasel gives the chicken a New Year-no peace of mind', if we go to the New Year,That ’s not a weasel! ”Mom said with a smile:“ Oh, why did n’t I hear about this requirement in previous years? ”After eating, we enjoyed the wonderful Spring Festival Gala while eating chicken head fruit, so be happy! After that,The elders gave New Year's money separately, and stuffed my piggy bank!

The greatest happiness during Chinese New Year is reunion. During Chinese New Year, there is not only visual excitement and taste satisfaction, but also economic harvest! The Chinese New Year is really good!

Composition describing Spring Festival 7

Hope, hope, the pace of the Spring Festival is getting closer and closer.

Before the Spring Festival, people put up a pair of couplets on both sides of the gate and hung red lanterns. Walking on the street, I saw a shop with "business is booming and wealth is rolling across the river.""Such a couplet, I hope that the wealth will be broadened."

New Year ’s Eve, the favorite thing for children is to fireworks. When the twelve o'clock sounded, the fireworks jumped up to the sky like a chrysanthemum blooming in the sky, someSome are like peacocks, some are like the Milky Way from the sky ... The earth seems to be dancing and shaking. Children do n’t mention how happy they are.

During the Chinese New Year, I want to eat dumplings. It ’s time to make dumplings. Everyone sits together, spreads out the dough, puts the meat filling inside, then coats the edge of the dough with water, and finally folds the dough in half to wrap the meat filling.Get up, such a dumpling is wrapped up. People also like to wrap a coin in one of the dumplings, whoever eats the coin represents "the smooth sailing of the coming year."

Although fireworks and dumplings are very interesting, I prefer to eat reunion dinner. The dishes on the table are really rich: there are delicious and delicious red carp, delicious braised pork, and delicious stewed chicken ...... Among them, my favorite ones are spring rolls, which are fragrant and crisp, layer by layer, with a lot of taste, stuffed with meat, stuffed with vegetables, stuffed with celery, etc.

"One year old except for the sound of firecrackers, the spring breeze sends warmth into Tu Su." I hope that the Spring Festival in 2018 will be as happy and festive as the Spring Festival in 2017.

Composition describing Spring Festival 8

The Spring Festival is here, my mother and I are going back to our hometown to celebrate the Spring Festival.

My relatives are a bit different from the past-the second aunt's family is also at the festival, and brought a younger brother named Doudou. Speaking of this younger brother, although he is only one year old, he is reallyNaughty is one of the best in the world, for example, a small train was thrown by him many times; when eating, he picked up the dishes with a chopstick and wanted to give it to others, and the result was that the table was full of dishes...... However, when he saw that he smiled innocently that day, he couldn't bear to talk about him.

When everyone is here, we will start eating New Year ’s Eve dinner. I am performing a clarinet at the table. My second aunt and cousin are still singing for me. After the performance is over, we all sit down to eat and the food is delicious., I finished it all at once. After paying a few glasses of wine, we took Doudou to set off the fireworks, not only us, but also many people were setting off the fireworks. When we were still on top, we often heard the sound of firecrackers.The sound of firecrackers keeps coming down! There are all kinds of fireworks, some are thrown on the ground, some are crackling, and others are quiet, but the sparks are very beautiful ...

The most lively time was in the second grade of the junior high school. Everyone gathered in the Atai family. There is an authentic rural area with many fields. Some people still have chickens! I went with my mother.After the ancestral hall there, that ’s the Wu ’s ancestral hall, where all the Wu ’s families are having dinner together! Then, we saw a stone slab engraved with the names of the people and the number of money donated."Speaking", said there: "When building an ancestral hall, each household paid a little money, but it was still not enough. At this time, a rich person came, and one person paid more than 1 million, and the remaining moneyIt ’s all paid, so there is this ancestral temple ... ".

Meeting my relatives and having a lively and lively year makes me very happy.

Composition describing Spring Festival 9

The Spring Festival is the grandest day of the year and the favorite day for children. By the way, when my brother and I posted the word "Fu", something happened!

Early in the morning, my father and mother went out to buy food, and my grandparents went out to invite relatives and friends to come to my house for a visit. My brother and I were ready to do something for them after they went out. That is the word "Fu".

Dry and dry, my brother brought the paste, I brought a lot of "blessings", just a moment when we went out at the same time, a "bang" with a "pop", the paste bottle was brokenMy brother and I were frightened. I quickly picked up the remaining paste and started to paste the word "Fu" with my brother. I put the word "Fu" upright and my brother carefully pasted it.On the way, after a full 20 minutes, my brother and I finally finished. At this time, my parents came back, and after seeing the blessings posted by my brother and me, they could n’t cry or laugh, and my mother said to me, “You two impsIt ’s too stupid. Which of you have seen the blessing of someone who is coming to post it? "" But it should have been posted this way! "I replied without thinking, when grandparents came back and saw the two of us postedFu, said: "Fu should be posted upside down, because this is' Fu to" Fu to "!"

It turns out that Tie Fu also has some truth!

Composition describing Spring Festival 10

Early in the morning, there was a crackling firecracker outside. "Who, so noisy." I said. I looked at the calendar and suddenly remembered that it is the Spring Festival today. No wonder others were setting off firecrackers so early!

Mother already bought the Spring Festival couplet, I saw it, and hurriedly called my father to post it together. I took a small chair and stood up, oh, just enough. I took out the couplet, held down with the left hand and held down with the right hand, Dad took out a piece of Scotch tape and aligned it with the door frame. Ha, the upper couplet is affixed, we will continue to paste the lower couplet. After a while, you're done! See!

In the evening, we get together for New Year's Eve dinner. There is a braised fish on the table. I just wanted to grab it. My mother said quickly: "This fish can't be eaten, it symbolizes the meaning of 'more than every year'." "Oh"" I nodded.

After eating, we went to set off fireworks. Bunches of fireworks flew into the sky, bloomed in the sky, red for a while, green for a while, yellow for a while ... it was so colorful. It looked great. Dad lit the lead, the boxThere are colorful fireworks squirting in here, and they sometimes roll in the air, sometimes jump in the air, and sometimes chase in the air ... but beautiful!

The first year of junior high school, we go from house to house to visit the New Year. We came to an uncle's house, I said sweetly: "Happy New Year!" Uncle also said happily: "Little girl, I wish you progress in learning, the longerThe more beautiful! "This string of blessings makes my heart warm.

The Spring Festival is my favorite holiday, because on this day we can feel the warmth of blessing each other with relatives.