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Antarctic Adventures Review

Time: 2020-01-28 Recommended visit : Viewing after feeling

These days, I watched a movie "Antarctic Adventure", in which I know a lot, the story is probably like this :

In search of a mysterious meteorite that fell on Antarctic Island, an expedition of three scientists began their Antarctic expedition. The expedition group included Jerry Charlotte Paul Walker, whoGood friend Cooper Jason Biggs and a weird American geologist Bruce Greenwood. Expeditions to Antarctica, of course, can not do without the special tool sleigh walking on the snow, and people's loyaltyCompanion, sled dog. And these eight savvy sled dogs, like their human companions, each have their own titles and titles: the lead Maya, the loyal dwarf, the honest Jack, the powerful Truman, and the speedExtremely fast shadows and more.

When they first landed on the snow-covered land of Antarctica, the expedition members were attracted by the beautiful scenery in front of them. However, they did not expect that with the deepening of the polar region, the worse weather and extremely dangerousThe natural environment will bring them more and more troubles, and even a great challenge to survival. Indeed, after a few days on a dog sled, they encountered an unprecedented snowstorm, and the temperature naturally dropped sharply.The team members were naturally inadequately prepared for the situation at hand. In the meantime, a more dangerous scene happened in time. One of the team members accidentally stepped on the thin ice and fell into the piercing ice water. Fortunately, there was a brave sleigh.The dogs helped each other and sent the ropes to the team members in time to make the teammates pull them out of danger. However, the sudden and violent snowstorm in front of them was really unavoidable. Blocking their way forward, not to say,Several people's lives have also been seriously threatened. In desperation, the players who saw the increasingly fierce snow and wind were forced to give up their partners who helped them along the way.With the sled dogs, let each one escape.

Abandoned sled dogs desperately take off the ropes to escape from the avalanche. In order to survive, they struggle to rely on each other to resist the cold snow and fight against the huge seals to fill their stomachs. ThisThe eight sled dogs were like good brothers on the front line of life and death, supporting each other. The three of the expedition team finally returned to the base safely, but the sight of the sled dogs desperately moving in the ice and snow has been entangled in them.However, the conscience condemned the three people at the same time and decided to save their loyal partners from the icy and cold regardless of the danger they were taking

In this film, you can learn a lot, and you can also appreciate a lot. I can appreciate the deep feeling of the main character Jerry for his dog, and I also know how to persist. The dogs are in such a difficult situation.Can we persist in the end, why can't we all learn to persist? Are we not as good as dogs? No, this is because our will is not strong enough and our hearts are weak!

Also, I can also see the deep friendship between dogs. When a dog accidentally falls to the bottom of the valley and falls down forever, the other dogs reluctantly leave because they cannot stay here foreverStaying there, and only one dog stayed with the dog. I did n’t understand why, but later I found out that the dog that had been killed gave the dog food before his death.This is another shining spot for dogs.

The leader of the dogs, Maya, not only has excellent leadership skills, but also a spirit of conscience. When he accidentally was bitten by a seal, he knew that he could not lead the dog team. He was very generous,The leader's position was given to Marx also a sled dog, and Marx led the dog to the end!