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"Turtle also surfing the Internet"

Time: 2020-01-27 Recommended visit : Viewing after feeling

Today, I watched a very interesting movie. Its name is "Turtle also surfing the Internet." Maybe you feel strange, but there is indeed a turtle that only surfs the Internet. It is called Jiajia Turtle. ItNot only will I talk online, but I will also tell you a lot of human reason and a lot of social knowledge during the conversation. This movie has made me a lot of gains.

This movie tells a story like this: the protagonist Wangfujing accidentally got the all-time turtle, which is called Jiajia turtle, and more interestingly it also told Wangfujing a spell: "Fun Jiajia turtle, one minuteRun, fly for one minute, doze off for one minute. ”As long as the spell is spoken, a three-minute wish can be realized. At the same time, Allison Turtle is also scoring on the score sheet. Although the wish is realized, each time I getAll scores are zero. Until later, he often helped others and used his kind heart to exchange unexpected scores. After passing the score, Jiajiagui promised Wangfujing and his classmates to see the future, and the sky suddenly fell.Only skates, just when everyone did n’t understand, Jiajia Turtle began to say, "Everyone will not know their future. Their future depends on their own steps and hard work to create a beautiful future..

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