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800 words on the sea pianist

Time: 2020-01-27 Recommended visit : Viewing after feeling

Some people say that other people ’s stories have their own shadows, and their own stories have other people ’s shadows. Think about it, why not.

In the 18 years I have lived so far, I have read many stories, missed many stories, and missed many stories. Aside from this life, at least the moment the stock market develops, everyone is fulfillingAnd happy. And those past may be the most beautiful, most caring, most profound memories we have ever seen.

Maybe in the story, they are traveling, they are working, they are partying, they are advancing, they are stopping, and now I am one of them, carefully discovering all the beauty, even if it has long gone with the windGo, never come again, even though it is coming towards me, and I am silent and do nothing.

After reading it, all these sentiments swarmed. Perhaps many people focused more on the 1900's dedication and waiting for the piano, but what attracted me more was that I took a short but continuous but unforgettable moment., Profound friendship.

There is such a plot in the film that I have always remembered. In 1900, I was determined to finally start chasing a new life. When I decided to disembark, I asked Kang Jie like this in 1900, would you come to see me? Of course, you would introduce me toThe child's mother also invited me to lunch on Sunday. I brought dessert, a bottle of wine, and you would say I was too polite, and then you took me to visit your home, looks like a boat, and waits for your wife to cook it.Roasted chicken, we sit around the table, I will praise her for her amazing cooking skills, and she will tell me that you always beat me.

Maybe they have n’t met each other for a long time, but their feelings are strong enough and deep enough. People always say that a confidant is hard to come by. Maybe that confidant is on a certain street corner, the end of the road, or just a short distance away.Just waiting for us to discover and experience.

At the end of the film, Kang Jie sits in the cabin that is about to be scrapped, and puts the sound of his friend's piano across the corner with a streamer, remembering all the previous encounters, remembering all the past, including the rightHis thoughts.

Finally, how did you spend these years. It broke the tranquility in the scrapped old cabin and touched my heart.

Sometimes we also have a new definition and understanding of things because of changes in the surrounding environment and different moods. But those things that you think are precious in life, I hope you never give up, similar to friendship, maybe we have already grownBig, there are a few of my peers who really understand us, don't care so much, take good care of the present, cherish it, keep the past, keep moving forward, be consistent, and experience the original beauty from it.