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"Hawthorn Love" post-viewing composition

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Sometimes, I believe in a kind of affection, Hawthorn · Love-"Hawthorn Love" Viewing after feeling .

This feeling will not change, it is very light, pure and not so dazzling, but it can stand the test of time.

This kind of feeling is stored quietly in a certain corner of the body. It is awakened at a certain moment, and you can't forget it if you want to forget it.

This feeling is natural, and it will be so beautiful without carving, it can't bear being touched.

This feeling is sincere, you can see it, you can smell it.

I believe.

They fall in love under a hawthorn tree.

They're going to see the legendary red hawthorn flower in bloom, but it will bloom and people will go.

She likes his bright smile, this smile can soothe her sadness.

He likes her shyness and sorrow, and he wants to guard her forever.

He said; you are alive, that is, I am alive; you are dead, I am also dead.

She said; I'm Jing Qiu, I'm Jing Qiu. Don't you say, as soon as I call you, will you live?

He can't wake up, but he is really by her side. This warm love has surrounded her for a lifetime, a lifetime.

Hawthorn complex-first love the fragrance of hawthorn flowers, deeply love the sourness of hawthorn fruits.

aftertaste, this Love It's been a long time, but the result is a slight sorrow.

I love you, can do a lot for you, not grateful for you, just for your smile.

I love you, I can wait for you for a long time, not for you to turn around, just to look at you one more time, after viewing "Hawthorn Tree Love"-"Hawthorn Tree Love" Viewing Feelings.

I, stand here and watch you do a lot for me, not grateful, but moved.

I, stand here and watch you wait for me for a long time, not to not turn around, just hope you call my name.

We love so much that we can do anything for each other.

We love deeply, even if years separate us, even if fate is blocked.

Hawthorn love may be encountered in one's life, because there is such a person as an angel sent by heaven, flying with you over a road, may disappear. But he will fold his wings,I will fly you. He will cry with you, laugh with you, have a shoulder to lean on. He will always be the first person you think of.

I like you holding my hand, I'm used to being pulled by you, this hand is very warm.

I like you talking to me, I like looking at you and looking up at your height.

I like that I hold your hand, I'm used to holding you, this hand is very small.

I like you listening to me, I also like watching you, and like you watching me.

The third child lives in Jingqiu's heart, and no one can replace it.

And Jing Qiu is a dream of the third child, who can never finish, he chooses to sleep heavily.

After watching the movie's miscellaneous feelings, I still want a lover to become a family member. If the perfect score is 5 stars, I will give it 3 stars, but the pure love coefficient is 4.5 stars.Zi ’s style. After watching this film, some people began to examine their love, and some people began to doubt their love. But please believe that every love is a first love, do n’t cling to that unbearable past. If love, please deepLove, you will surely reap your happiest love. Come on!

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