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500 words after the glittering red star viewing

Time: 2020-01-27 Recommended visit : Aftersight

After watching the movie "Sparkling Red Star", everyone left a deep impression on me: cute Xiaolan, white-haired teacher, courageous uncle of the Red Army, brave Dongzi dad, Zhiyong bothDongzi ... But what impressed me the most was an ordinary mother, Dongzi Mom.

Dongzi Ma is a hardworking rural woman. When she first saw her, she was cutting rice in the field, and her dark skin was covered with sweat beads, like a string of pearls hanging on her face.

She is an empathetic rural woman. When Dongzi wants to raise a puppy, her mother will not let her raise, because Dongzi had a litter of chickens before, and was almost eaten by the weasel! But a Yingshanhong made her change her mind., And finally agreed to let Dongzi raise a puppy.

She loves her child very much. It was a night when gunshots and gunshots rang, and Dongzi's mother risked her life and ran home, took Dongzi's schoolbag in the brick kiln, and asked Dongzi to study well.

She loves Red Army soldiers more than she loves her life. When the Red Army soldiers were injured and needed medicine, she went to her home to take medicine for the Red Army soldiers, almost found by the enemy.

She is a brave and fearless rural woman. When the Red Army soldier was shot, she quietly crawled over to take a grenade and wanted to blow the enemy to death. The first time, there was no explosion because there was no string pulling. SecondTimes, it exploded before being thrown out ...

Although she sacrificed, but she is hardworking, understanding, loving children, loving the Red Army soldiers, brave, fearless ... These spirits have always encouraged Dongzi to become a true Red Army soldier.