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After the age of our life perception

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I really felt a lot when I saw the time we lived in. Although the story has n’t finished yet, the plot attracted me. Hao Dong is determined, has goals, ideas, and actions, but is radical, has a bad foundation, and has a hard character.Carre has a righteousness and a good foundation, but it is reckless, impulsive, and immature. Yanggang has the temperament of an old intellectual, but it is pedantic, and it is impossible to distinguish between ideals and reality. This TV series is good because everyone has attractive advantages.There are also major shortcomings for everyone. There is no perfect person in this world, everyone is non-stop Love Choose between career, ideal and reality. Choice is painful!

When your friend accidentally fell off the cliff and was pulled by you with one hand, you want to pull her up, but if you don't have enough strength, your friend has no energy to climb up again. If you go on like this, the two of you willFall off the cliff together and die together. But at this time, your friend suddenly said to you: "Release your hand! I have to keep you alive" This is a friend

Opportunity is not to wait, but like the wolf grabbing the bones, it is not only you, but also how many wolves are waiting to fight with you.At the cost of breaking the blood, this is called competition. Turning yourself into a wolf from the bone, you will know how many times you die.

The salary is paid when the salary is not friendship, the reality is so cruel, you are not cruel, he may step on you.

The key to someone who can do great things is to be ambitious.

Trees move to death, people move to live. The more lazy people stay, the more they have no idea.