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Legend of Rabbit Heroes

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After watching "The Legend of Rabbit Man", I was impressed by the quality of Rabbit Man.

In a small town, the apprentice of the lord helped the old gang with poisonous gas in order to fight for the right to help. The old gang felt that he could not do it, and escaped. The old gang fainted halfway and was discovered by Rabbit II.The lord helped him back home, but the old lord was too poisoned to survive for a long time. Before his death, he taught Wugong to Rabbit II and entrusted it to his daughter Peony in Beijing. Rabbit II agreedAfter that, Rabbit II passed through the boundless forest and withstood the storm. Finally, he came to the capital and saw Peony, but he heard the name of the peony as Luban. Rabbit II became a friend with her. In order to find the peony, Rabbit II miscellaneous in a hotel, and also slowly learned the conspiracy of the new gang leader. Finally, at the contest where the new gang dominated the city, they learned the whole truth, and also understood that Peony and Luban were the same person. Rabbit two was about toThe token was handed over to the peony, but was snatched by the new gang leader. In order to protect the people in the small town, Rabbit II defeated the new gang leader with the martial arts passed to him by the old gang leader, and handed the token to the real new gang peony, becoming the British, As well as a new title: Rabbit Man

Rabbit II's trustworthy spirit moved me. There used to be such a person who also had the same spirit as Rabbit II. His brother was the boss and drove the workers to pay him. Unfortunately, there was a car accident on the way. His brother died on the spot.Afterwards, he did not forget the wages owed by his brother, holding his brother's wages, and did not know how much to pay. In the end, he decided how much the workers wanted, how much he gave, and after paying the wages, he even paid more than 10,000. Finally heFor his honesty and trustworthiness, he was named the top ten people who moved China.

Why they are outstanding is because they talk about honesty. Rabbit II can not do things that a person who never knows, but he believes in the spirit of "a gentleman who can't chase a horse", and Rabbit II has experienced so muchThe ordeal of suffering must also be sent to the token. The person who was rated as one of the top ten people in China was chosen because of honesty. Integrity is also an important rule of interpersonal communication in our lives.

But nowadays, integrity is increasingly lacking, cheating on exams, plagiarizing essays, forging resumes, and other things happen all the time. In the poems of Tang Shixiu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, such people are also disclosed, and they don't come to stay overnight."It is said that the appointment was originally made, but half of the night has passed, and people have not yet come, reflecting the ugly face of people who do not speak of integrity.

We need to find integrity, "people, sincerity as the foundation, faith as the sky." People who do not have integrity live in this world like a dust floating in the air. Only by acting with integrity can we be in society.To gain a foothold, we can develop our career and have a bright future.

China is a nation of etiquette, integrity is the traditional virtue of our Chinese nation, let us carry the bag of integrity, and carry forward this virtue.

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