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After watching the TV series "Yimeng"

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As a middle-aged person, after reading "Yimeng", I found that if you don't write anything, you can't fall asleep. This is the first time after watching hundreds of TV series.

Yimeng tells the story is familiar to me. After all, as long as I have read a little bit of modern history, I know the countless stories of Yimeng ’s sister-in-law ’s breastfeeding and Yizi Yizi. But, in the face of the impetuous entertainment industry, II have never expected to see the true reproduction of this classic film and television work.

The beginning of this drama shocked me. The simple plot started. A group of black-faced non-big-name actors full of life experience let me know that this is a good drama.

With the development of the plot, as I expected: no great people, no battles, no big scenes. It is simple Family Trivia, saved people from the perverted interpretation of handsome men and beautiful women, I dare say this is true.

The author should be a local, he did not pursue the so-called plot ups and downs, the messy interpretation of the protagonist's family, I did not see a family of three sons into a group, a national army, a bandit. This skillI think it is deeper than Bai Luyuan ’s Chen Zhongshi, there is no farcical arrangement, and there is no shortage of highlights in this play!

There is no 42 episodes without the love of men and women. The love expressed in this play is diverse. There are two emotions, two betrayal, one with no regrets, one quarrel, but there is no pervert in the modern urban drama.of Love Reproduced. This is the author's best advice to young men and women for their correct love views.

If the love of men and women is an important part of the play, maternal love and patriotic love are the main theme of the play. In life, love is a matter of three or two years, maternal love and patriotic love is a lifetimeMatter, the author handles so simple, but reflects the lack of life of modern drama writers.

As for hate, the author also has no abnormal treatment. No too many coincidences are designed, which are naturally caused by big contradictions. I have seen many TV series, and I can see that there are causes for hatred.Requirement. Please learn from the great writers and the author of this play, how to introduce the plot normally, don't groan without illness. Gang name

There is no big actor in this drama. The rare thing is that they have countless supporting actors with deep skills. Together, these actors let the audience feel that there is no beauty in the car, it is an era when acting is king. Let the big actors make pretend performancesGo to hell!

Life is a compulsory course for the actors of this drama. From the faces, costumes and verbal expressions of the actors to expressions and styles, it seems that going deep into life is the soul of performance.

The extension of the plot is based on the current account system. There is no flashback, it is a simple interpretation of the Yimeng's use of blood, tears, milk and meat to feed New China. Looking at a paragraph, we will notWhat we feel, look and watch, we know that life is a drama, it is real. By the way, the development of the plot is slow, because life is slow.

The success of this drama, I think the root cause lies in the things that the Yimeng people did! Those ordinary things, but weeping ghosts and gods! What's more impressive is that they have done too many things, the author only needsSimple statements and slow repetition of ancestors' behavior are enough.

Yimeng people's honor and disgrace make me deeply feel what is cultural accumulation. The extreme of sorrow and joy can be interpreted without hoarseness. It is the fourth-year university course that big-name actors should complete.

The author executed the son of a government official who had lost his conscience, is a "blessing" to the martyrs who are martyrs in reality. Especially the attitude of the mother and wife, let us recall the apologetics that the heaven can do evil.

The processing of the dozen supporting stories that must be mentioned has enriched the entire TV series. The diversity of the fate of the characters shows them all.

Of course, to understand this drama, it is best to complete the following preview work first: preferably over 30 years old, the best Marriage Birth, best experience, best reading the history of the New Fourth Army and Eighth Route Army, best patience, etc.

As for the problem, there are also some plots that appear to be false. As for modern people looking at the false or the original to be improved, it is worth slowly realizing.

Okay, I feel sentimentally and do not want to cause controversy. Those who disagree with me can watch TV series and related historical materials and talk about it again.

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