Looking at the Legal Education Perspective

Time: 2020-01-26 Recommended visit : Viewing after feeling

Sunday, we all watched some videos about legal education.

I think that the root cause of their current situation is that their legal consciousness is too poor. They always think that they are doing small things, and then react when they get out of hand. In these cases, many people are just impulsive.In order to understand the qi, these crimes of stealing money and robbery have been committed. If you had sat down calmly and thought about whether you should do these things in the first place. If you think about it, you will know how silly you are!

If you commit a crime, it will take you several years to destroy it, or even destroy the second half of your life. Our lives are very important, and each person only has one time. However, it is not a bad thing to have a death sentence. AndIn the journey of life, the most beautiful time is the most beautiful chapter. If you waste this best time in the dark and gloomy room of freedom, there will be an indelible shadow in your life.Into the bottomless abyss, can't extricate yourself. Even if it comes out, the shadow will cause you a lot of trouble!

Juvenile delinquency not only destroys his youth, but also affects all his family members, allowing them to raise money everywhere to protect themselves and make others laugh. Even if it is for them, we cannot do this to hurt them.It's for everyone.

Therefore, in order that we will not go astray, we need to understand the legal consciousness.

First of all, we must constantly establish a sense of law and tell ourselves that this thing cannot be done, that thing can be done; second, strengthen the concept of the legal system, do not have chances; and strengthen control, work calmly, and distinguish yourselfWhat you should and shouldn't do, be a legitimate good citizen, and encourage others to do the same.

Usually you should start with yourself, start with small things, and know the meaning of the phrase "Don't do small things for good, don't do small things for evil."

In addition, you need to strengthen your judgment in making friends. It is also a kind of self-awareness to determine which friends should and should not be friends. Use these consciousness to better develop yourself.

But I think that those young criminals may be negligent and go astray. If there are such people next to us, we must also help them as much as possible and let them feel our care and love for him.To give him confidence. And let him know that this is wrong.

At the same time, a person's strength is too small. If everyone finds such people, we must work together to help that person and let him know that with their hard hands, they can still get what they want, not necessarily only thieves.Small touch can do it.