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After watching beautiful mother

Time: 2020-01-26 Recommended visit : Aftersight

The movie "Pretty Mother" tells a touching story between mother and son. A single mother with a deaf and dumb child-Zheng Da lives hard. Zheng Da's speech is not clear, in order to make Zheng Da like normalThe children went to school, and the beautiful mother only taught him the simplest story-"Crow Drinking Water", which took a whole year. Zheng Da still failed in the entrance examination. However, in the eyes of her mother, her ownThe child is no different from other children. She begged the principal to accept Zheng Da, but the result still disappointed her. Mother was not discouraged. She worked hard and made money, and bought a new hearing aid for Zheng Da. ShePushing a tricycle, carrying Zheng Da through the streets to sell newspapers, she was under the snow and asked Zheng Da to do some hour work for others.

Looking and watching, I feel that I am surging again and again in my heart, and tears have blurred my vision again and again. What a simple mother, what a great mother's love! Beautiful mother because she loves her son, can make clothThe road full of thorns can be seen as a brilliant rose, can see the sun from the haze, can endure all the hardships and humiliation.

"Only mothers in the world are good, children with mothers are like treasures." This song is sung by all children in the world and also sung for all mothers. Zheng Da in the movie has such a simple and greatMother, and how many ordinary and great mothers in our lives!

In the early morning, my mother always whispered our breast name in the ear, let us wake up from sleep; at dusk, my mother is always in the sun, looking forward to our return from school. How many cold winter nights, mother thousandKnitting sweaters for us with needles and threads; how many midsummer and scorching summers, mothers fan us over and over again. However, we who live in sweetness always take that for granted

Enjoying all the love and care of my mother, I have never been grateful.

Today, when I was sitting in front of the screen and weeping silently, my heart was mixed with a verse: "Whoever speaks of the heart is rewarded with Sanchunhui."