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"Call me the first place" after feeling

Time: 2018-12-11 Recommended visit : Aftersight
Today, at school, Mr. Jiang showed us an American inspirational movie "Call Me First", about a young boy named Cohen who got an incurable disease when he was 6 years old.---- Torui. This disease will make people make strange sounds and movements. Therefore, Cohen will always be rejected by the teacher. The students will also scold him monsters. During the class, Cohen wants to control himself, hisThe stranger the behavior.

    科恩虽然得了妥瑞氏症,但他的母亲对他不离不弃,她一直在帮科恩找医生,可都无从下手。就因为这样,科恩的妈妈和 translate1172都离婚了。之后, 科恩还有他的母亲像正常人一样生活下去,读书,上学,工作,做自己喜欢做的事情。而改变了科恩一生的恩人,是他初级中学 时所遇到的校长。在一次音乐会上,校长把科恩的事情告诉了全校师生,又请科恩上台发表感言。同学和老师们都被科恩的事迹感动。

    科恩长大后,想当一名教师,可他自信应聘了25所学校,却都因为他的病,都拒绝了他,终于,他控制不住自己的泪水直往下掉,他的继母鼓励他,终于,在第26所学校聘请去教 second grade A very bad class, students like this teacher very much. Because when Cohen is in class, he will always tell a little story to let everyone know him, sometimes, he will wear a fancy dress to play a fool to askSmart student. After repeated failures to stand up, Cohen was named the best teacher award of the year. This is the secret of Cohen's success: he has a strong self-acceptance.

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