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3 interesting stories on campus

Time: 2020-01-30 Recommended visit : Composition about interesting things

School Fun作文 350 words one: campus fun

Recently, something interesting happened in our classroom.

Today is a beautiful day with good wind. The sun is bright all day, and our mood is naturally good! On this day, our class Qiao Zixin made a joke! At that time, we were attending an English interest group.We memorized the words from Lesson 7, and then went out. Qiao Zixin saw the teacher go out, so he came to the spirit, and said, "I saw a Wang Laoji advertisement yesterday and edited it after my careful design.It became a song, and now I will perform it for everyone. "After that, he walked to the podium properly and bowed to us," one, two, three, go! ... "I saw his eyes closed,Shaking his head and shaking his head, as if holding a guitar in his hand, playing it constantly. At this time, we laughed occasionally. It turned out that when he shouted "two", the teacher came in and saw Qiao Zixin's appearance.Laughed, but Qiao Zixin didn't know the teacher was coming, and continued to perform more fully. I laughed so much that my stomach hurt, and Qiao Zixin saw the teacher by pointing to the door after I finished the performance, pointing with my fingerChin-chan said, "Ah, that teacher ..." He said while making strange expressions. The teacher smiled and said, "If you study so hard, you must be a hundred points in the exam!"

Lets you see such a scene, will you not be laughed at by the appearance of Xiao Qiao?

350 words on campus fun story composition 2: campus fun-battle of bees and men

In the autumn, the wind blows, classmates concentrate on class, the classroom is extraordinarily quiet, and the breathing sounds of the students can be heard clearly. The humming sound comes from the window.The bee flew over, breaking the tranquility in the classroom and panicing the students.

A man-bee battle has begun! The bold boy and runner up first stands up, picks up the weapon --- the book will compete with the bee, he first comes to "fight around", but the smart bee hides from the leftFlash, escaped once, and then the runner-up of the boy made another "up and down doubles". The bee seems to have known his attack, hey! Once I escaped, I was impatient and wanted to play, but no matter howThe bee was still full of energy. We were helpless, sitting there like a dwarf, and our nerves were tight. At this moment, the savior came, a gust of wind passed, the bee was frightened, and flew away.

"War" is over, the students are relieved, we continue to class ...

350 words on campus fun facts 3: campus fun

A lot of happy things happened in our school, such as sports games, snowball fights, etc. This happened in our school. Today I will tell you something about sports games and snowballs! When we have sports gamesAll teachers and students hold sports games in school together.

We are going to hold rope skipping, running, softball, etc. We first held running at school. Our sixth grade is best at running, so our classmates are very happy, because this will be a lotPrizes. Of course, the skipping rope in our class is the first in the school, and this is our sports meeting. I will also tell you about the heavy snowfall in 2010, the snowball fight in our school. At this time, our former principal Shen ChanghaiAfter a heavy snowfall, President Shen felt that this was the first heavy snowfall, so he asked our teachers and students to come out for snowball fights, skiing, etc ... and we were sixth graders, so we played snowball fights together in the sixth grade.Boys and girls are very fierce. We are the happiest and most nostalgic in the snowball fight. This incident impresses me, and this principal Shen is very attentive to us.

This campus fun thing made me the most memorable in elementary school, and this campus also gave me fun.