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Composition on environmental protection for elementary school students

Time: 2020-01-28 Recommended visit : Composition on environmental protection

The environment of the earth is getting worse and worse, but many people still do n’t take him seriously. The garbage is floating in the sky, floating on the branches, in the rivers, everywhere, polluting the rivers, and once playing in the river.Fish and shrimp have disappeared without trace, and the birds that once sang on the branches have disappeared. People cut down a large number of trees. China currently produces and discards 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks, equivalent to 2,000Five million adult trees have been felled! Many plastic products have to be buried underground for a thousand years before they can be decomposed, and greenhouse gas will continue to be released during this time! Will you remain indifferent when you see here?

We should start with small things, not to litter, not spitting, drive less private cars, it ’s best to take a bus when you go out, a variety of flowers and trees, and you should carry chopsticks and bags when you go out.Sex chopsticks and plastic bags, etc.

Once I did n’t achieve environmental protection. That night, I wanted to throw away all my homework. My mother saw it and said to me, "These papers can be recycled and reused. What a waste, paper.You can use the back of it, and you can use it to make a straw paper. "I lowered my head and realized my mistake. From now on, I will not waste it.

The earth is our great mother. Although she is already 4.5 billion years old, the youth and aging of the earth are not measured by age. As children of the earth, we should make our mother always young! Come onLet us work together, I believe that if everyone makes an effort, the tiny powers will converge into a huge power, so that our mother earth will be able to restore its former health and beauty!