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5 articles for the first time to learn cycling composition

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By learning bicycle, you can understand the truth, no matter what you learn, as long as you try more, not afraid of failure, you will be successful! The following is the first time I prepare to learn to ride a bicycle Composition , welcome to read.

The first time to learn cycling composition

The first time I learned to ride a bicycle was very sad. I came back from working and eating after Brother Zhang and borrowed a bicycle to learn. As a result, after learning for two hours, I did n’t learn anything, including how to get on the car safely.It was very embarrassing to throw myself back, crying and returning the other person ’s car home. After watching it at night, my leg was bruised by several pieces. Sad! I tried hard, but I failed. Quack.

Actually, I am very afraid of something like a car, it is a panic feeling, how to overcome the fear of being unable to get rid of it. Sitting on the car feels like there is a car in front of me rushing towards me, that kind of extreme panicIt ’s really life-threatening. But he is still teaching me very seriously, but he ca n’t dispel the fear in my heart, so I ca n’t persevere and fail, so that I can really understand the car for meWhat a fear, how inseparable that fear is, even a small bicycle. It can be said that the rain and the car are the things that have caused me the most torment to date.

Helpless. I look forward to not riding a bicycle will not have a great impact on my life!

The first time to learn cycling composition

I often see the older brothers and older sisters in the upper grades playing cool on the road on bicycles. I see them very enviously. I ask Dad Call me to ride a bicycle. My dad didn't say anything after listening to it and bought me a variable speed bicycle from a department store.

From the day on, I started to learn cars. I imitated the older brother. The older sister rides a bicycle, put one foot on the pedal first, and immediately put the other foot on the pedal., I fell a "dog chew." It seems that this method will not work.

I changed another position and practiced on a downhill slope. I first put one foot on the pedal to let the car stabilize, and then immediately put the other foot on the pedal on the other side, this time,The consequences were even worse than the last time. The brakes of the car were not held. The car slid downhill quickly. Everyone on the road was worried. Hey! There is another way to do it, or it will break into the life-threatening event.

For this reason, I went to the intersection to observe the cyclists. After summing up, I went home and put one foot on the pedal first, then squeezed hard. After the car came out of two or three steps, I immediately put the otherPut your foot up and pedal hard. After N times of "dog chewing", I finally won't live up to it, I learned to ride a bicycle.

I ride around in the car every morning, which also attracts the envy of other children, haha! I also have a brilliant time.

From this matter, I understand a little truth: do n’t give up easily when you do anything, persevere, and you will succeed.

The first time to learn cycling composition

There are many first time in life, just like the stars in the sky, I will pick one of the brightest stars to tell you, the topic is the first time to learn to ride a bicycle.

One day, I pushed my beloved little bike. My good friend Feng Yufei learned to ride a bike together. Fei Fei and I walked in the small courtyard while learning to ride a bike. We were very happy. I have been riding for a long time, and there is noI fell once. But Fei fell so many times. "Why didn't I fall?" Oh, my car is small, it's easy to control, and her car is big, it's not easy to control. "My mother helped me, and my mother said: "No, this is a step to accompany you to grow up independently." After listening to what my mother said, I got up and tried to learn bicycle.

But I have been learning for a long time and still haven't learned to bike. My mother came over and told me the secret of riding a bike. I looked a little scared. After a while, I learned to bike. I took a break for a while.Bicycle, I told Fei Fei the secret, and she was a little scared, but she quickly learned to bike. We played in the community and rode home after a while.

This is my first time learning to ride a bike, and it is also the brightest star in my starry sky.

The first time to learn cycling composition

During a hot summer, my dad took me to go shopping. I saw my dad can ride a bicycle hungry. I was very envious. I said to my dad: "Daddy, can you teach me to ride a bicycle?" "Good" Dad answered.

After returning home, we moved out a bike from home. First of all, my father helped me sit up, and then pushed me in the back. I was scared and excited. At this moment, my father suddenly let go of my hand, and I responded at once.But when I came, I fell heavily on the ground. I did n’t care. I continued to practice, but after a while, I fell again, and my knees bleed. I went home to take some medicine and cried and said to my mother: "II do n’t practice, I do n’t practice. "

Mother said with a long heart: "The child can't be a little bit difficult when he is faced with anger. He must persevere in what he does and can't give up halfway."

So I was full of confidence again, I picked up the bike again, summoned the courage to ride again, and soon fell again, I just kept wrestling, fell and rided, and finally learned to ride a bicycle.

I know from this matter, I must persevere in everything I do in the future, and I cannot give up easily.

The first time to learn cycling composition

I saw someone riding a bicycle and running on the road, I also want to have a bicycle.

I ran home and said to my dad: "Dad, I want a bicycle." Dad replied: "Okay." After a few days, Dad bought the bicycle, and it was still my favorite blue.bicycle.

Sunday morning, the sun was shining, my father took me to learn to ride a bicycle. I thought I was sitting on the bicycle all of a sudden, suddenly, the bicycle fell down, I was pressed by the bicycle on all fours, and I quickly got up,Dad walked over and said: "You sit on it, I hold the bicycle, you can ride with confidence." I got on the bicycle, got up, riding, riding, I feel that the bicycle is not obedient, shakingShake, suddenly, there was a big maha again. Dad hurriedly ran and said: "It hurts!" I said: "No pain, man, big husband, no pain". Then he got up, and then, dad taught meHow to ride, hold the handlebar firmly, step on the pedals ... I did what my dad said, really, I did not fall for several laps in the square, my dad shouted: "Son,Great! "My heart is full of joy.

Noon is here, we have to go back, today is too fun, too funny, and exciting.