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First time cooking

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Student, there are many first times in life, such as: washing clothes for the first time, taking the train for the first time, going out for the first time ... but among the many first times, each one has the first timeNot the same, and my first time was cooking ...

I remember it was a holiday evening, I sat in the living room and watched TV boringly. The skill of the culinary showman inside made me amazed. Suddenly, a wonderful idea came out of my mind: Cook once for my parents. I figured out: "Every time they cook for me, it is so hard, I will cook for them this time." Just do it, I go to the kitchen and think about itWhat? I went to the refrigerator and opened the refrigerator. There were a few potatoes and cucumbers in it. I had an idea in my heart: otherwise I would make "fried potato shreds" and "cold cucumber". I washed the potatoesAfter removing the skin, I realized that the potatoes were so slippery and naughty. They were turned over and turned over to prevent you from cutting them., I pour oil into the pan, hang my hand over the pan, feel the temperature of the pan, when it feels similar, peel a few more garlic, after crushing the garlic, the pan is boiled, I put the potatoes into the panHere, "Wow", the heat came out, and this is the first timeNaturally, when I was cooking, I accidentally burned it. I endured the pain and turned it over. It was almost burnt. I put garlic in it, and then added: vinegar, salt, MSG and other seasonings.It ’s done. Next, I crushed the cucumber and put it in a bowl, then added the remaining garlic, vinegar, salt, MSG, chicken essence and other seasonings. Then, I brought the two dishes into the living room and waitedThe return of the parents. When the parents came back, they saw two dishes on the table and said, "You made these?" I nodded proudly, and the parents were very happy.

The first time I cook, I tasted the sweetness, and finally, I shouted again: "I will cook!"

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