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My growth course composition

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : Composition about growth

My growth process is not as full of exploration as Edison, not as full of misfortune as Keller, and not as glorious as Child Star. My growth is very ordinary, and my growth has Dad Mum relatives, and partners.

A regular visitor to the amusement park

My favorite place to go when I was a kid is an amusement park. There are all kinds of fun rides and all kinds of beautiful flowers. I am very dependent on the trampoline, I just feel free to bounce around. DadTo work, I ca n’t stay with me often, and there is a playground in the place where he works. In the morning, my father threw me on the trampoline. He just went to work at ease. When he got to work to pick me up at night, he found me.He ’s still jumping and he ’s happy. He smiles helplessly and takes me home. I often miss that time now, how can I have energy to play for a day? Maybe that ’s childlike, and my dad often says, “Look at you jumpingI've grown up while jumping ... "

The warmth in the snow

Before I grew up to a certain age, my grandma sent me to school every day. At that time, her legs and feet were flexible, and I always walked fast. And I often followed her, and that time was always lingeringIt was a season of winter snow, and she sent me to school as usual. As the snow increased, she pulled me more and more tightly. One accidentally, we stepped on the ice together. I felt that when the sky turned round, I only felt that there was a pairMy warm hands gave me strength. When I fell down, I felt warm. Opening my eyes, it was grandma who didn't let me fall into the snow, and she broke a fracture. At that time, I just felt that my heart was so warm.In retrospect, I feel more affectionate.

Fun in the country

When I first came to the countryside, I did n’t understand anything, and I felt novel when I saw it. My cousin said that he took me to the field to catch a cricket, but only found it novel, and then went out. Follow his instructions to catch the cricket.A big bottle for me to put “the fruits of labor”. When he reached out his hand and his face was serious, he caught one. It didn't take long for him to catch a dozen. I learned his appearance and started to catchAt first, I could catch nothing. Later, under the guidance of my cousin, I quickly "came on the road." When I came home with a full bottle of puppets, my mother said she would take me to look elsewhere.As soon as the bottle was dropped on the ground without the lid, I followed my mother. When I got home, I was criticized by the family. It turned out that the puppets jumped out of the bottle and bit our own crops.Regarding this matter, I have kept it until now, and this matter has always reminded me to do things seriously.

Growth makes us lose our childishness, but makes us mature;

Growth makes us inactive, but makes us stable;

Growth makes us lose immature, but makes us sensible ...

Growth brings unparalleled gains.