Three articles of Qiaoyun composition in February and August

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : composition about cloud

Part 1: February and August, see Qiaoyun

People often say: "February and August, look at Qiaoyun." February and August refer to the lunar calendar, which means that the February and August of the lunar calendar each year is the best time to view the clouds.On Saturday of the month, I noticed the clouds in the sky.

On Saturday afternoon, I ran on the balcony and lay quietly beside the balcony to observe the clouds in the sky. The breeze blew. I felt the mountains cool and the wind fell on my face. The spring water was comfortable and I was againHe suddenly raised his head, and the "big carp" was next to the sun. After a while, the "big carp" swam on the round sun, and the sun only showed a little at this time, and he glanced at it.It is very interesting to have delicious fish. The good times are not long and the wind is blowing, and the fish head, fish tail, and fish body are separated. After a while, the fish tail “coordinates” with a large cloud.It also formed a lively and cute little angel. Yun became a lonely snow mountain for a while, and a lion with a claw and a claw, and a sheep screaming for a while. It was also like a big lobster, playing in the big sky pool.The shape of each cloud is different, but they are all unique.

Unconsciously, it is dusk again, and the original scattered clouds have changed and turned into a sea of ​​clouds, sometimes calm and waves, sometimes winds and clouds. The clouds are set against the sunset, beautiful, noble, natural paintings named,It is called "the dusk of the sea of ​​clouds." Ground, the sea of ​​clouds is golden again, pink, and pink clouds are more like cherry blossoms at this time! A large sakura cherry tree comes into view, and the cloud made of cherry blossomsNoble but pure. The landscape is rare! Clouds are indeed thousands of different expressions. It is like a magician, showing his skills on the sky stage.

Ah! This is a cloud that is always intoxicated in fantasy!

Part 2: February and August, see Qiaoyun

As the saying goes, "February and August, look at Qiaoyun." This refers to the lunar calendar. Is there really a Qiaoyun in the sky in February and August? Yes, and not at all. In February, spring hits a stick, YangIn the air, "Winter dreams are revived by plants and trees." In August, the spring and autumn are real, the sky is high, and the clouds are light. "The sea and the moon have a tide."

In February and August, the temperature and humidity are harmonious, and the airflow is changing. Especially after rain before rain, or when the evening glow is shining, the originally beautiful sky occasionally fades, and the wind rises. There are countless clouds floating in the sky, or black orWhite, or yellow or red, or blue or orange ... colorful. Like the galloping horses, like the layers of mountains, like the dragons and tigers, like the rare birds and monsters, like the wind sweeping the leaves, like the silky long hair, like the tiger playing in the water, like the tigerThe Xiaoshan forest is like cotton wool blossoming, like a tide .... It can be described as unpredictable, strange, and beautiful.

In February and August, the blue sky, with clever clouds like weaving, is like a land on which everything grows. Although colorful, but good and bad coexist, ugly and eclectic, there is nothing strange about it.

Most of these ephemeral, or clouds, or things, nothingness, and cloudscapes are most exciting. But if you look closely, some are terrifying and startling. Every time this season, I often watch the clouds, which makes me the mostIt ’s unforgettable that I saw a black cloud with a little color, changing my face from time to time, a long hair fluttering, nose and eyes, elegant and quiet; a bit of grinning, shawl, like a lunatic; a look like a nine-tailed fox;For a while, it was like a seductive charm, unsightly ... Eventually it disappeared with the wind and gradually faded out of my sight. Unfortunately, it was so impressive in my mind that I couldn't stop it. When I think of it, I feel disgusted.

The wind stopped and the clouds dispersed. The sky has disappeared and is colorful and colorful. The blue sky and warm sunlight are still present in the eyes.

February and August, look at Qiaoyun. Qiao is in the encounter, Qiao is in the image, Qiao is thinking, Qiao is in the heart, Qiao is in everyone's heart!

Part 3: February and August, see Qiaoyun

Grandma often says to me, "Twenty-eighth in August, look at Qiaoyun."

Grandma's "February and August" refers to the lunar calendar. So in spring and autumn, I pay special attention to the clouds in the sky to see where it happens.

The cloud in February and August is in its shape. At the end of the blue sky, there are often a lot of clouds, high and low, layer upon layer, staggered, bright and dark, like a towering snow mountain. IFrequent doubts: Is it the Himalayas? Is it Kunlun?

Sometimes Yunshan also appears above the head. In most cases, they are one by one and they are not connected. At this time, Yunshan is also very beautiful. There are big, small, high, and short.There are steep and gentle ones. Against the blue sky, the clouds are like snow-covered islands that are exposed above the sea. They float on the sea steadily. If you do n’t look for a long time, look at itThe shape of the mountain and the island are changing. I do n’t know when the cloud was divided into pieces, arranged neatly and evenly at high altitude, like fish scales.

I think, is there a cultivator in the sky, is it raking Yunshan to the ground? This fish scale cloud changes very slowly. It has enough patience to let people appreciate it.

The clouds in February and August also happen to be in their colors. At this time, the sky is particularly high, especially blue, and the clouds are thick and white. They are extremely layered. In the evening, the clouds will be colored by the glow, sometimes the same.Clouds also tend to come in multiple colors.