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Our school composition

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : About school composition

Our school is a model school in xx province, and it is also a provincial, municipal, and district Tao Xingzhi education research experimental base. Recently, the xx city Tao Xingzhi education research site will be held in our school, which has improved our school in the city and even the province.Reputation.

Walking into the door of the school, the first thing that catches your eyes is the five golden shining characters hanging on the front wall of the comprehensive building-teaching to be one, this is the inscription given to our school by the original director of the Provincial Education Commission xxx.On the right side of the playground, there is a sign made of a row of iron nets with the handwriting of Fang Ming, the president of the Chinese Tao Xingzhi Research Association, who teaches and teaches the truth, and learns and learns to be a real person.Hexue pointed out the direction.

Walking through the teaching building, through the dense bamboo forest, in front of our school's garden of pottery, you see: the corn planted by the fourth graders sticks out the red hair; the tomatoes planted by the fifth grade students bear the fruitFruits that are all red; the peach trees, apple trees, bayberry trees, and plum trees cultivated by sixth graders are full of heavy fruits, and the branches of kiwifruit are covered with branches. It presents a vibrant harvest scene..

Now the teachers in our school are teaching hard, the students are diligent, the quality of teaching is constantly improving, and the quality education is fruitful, and it is moving towards a higher goal!