Hong Chen Mo Lu is finally a merciless composition

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : Composition on Road

The sky in September is not grayish, and the scattered leaves are scattered in the wind, so desolate. In this sad season, I took away your face, no matter how stubborn I look up, I still can't bear itSorrow, crystal tears, drops dripping, no matter how strong I am, when you decide to give up on me, I still cry. I know that I have lost more than just a relationship, but a real understandingMy person, I curled up in a corner, hugging my cold self, and gently flowing sadness.

I want time to shake off my shackles, I want to forget the pale memories one by one, and these, but the scenes are clearly reproduced and refused to retreat. The green and frosty days are red, and I stillThe painful scales were stripped by the past, and one person walked silently stepping on loneliness. Since then, I like to leave you in the night, like to accompany you with the moonlight, miss you, and love to feel the sky, just for you to stay on the night., I will come out with a smile. I will hold you tightly in the palm of your hand, and will not let you spread out in front of the world, because you are my one and only.

During this time apart from you, I encountered a lot of scenery along the way, those gorgeous and colorful, but there is no ripple in me, not because the scenery is not beautiful, but because I only have you in my heart, although it isLonely, but I am willing to choose this lonely for you. You are buried deep in my heart and have an irreplaceable position. I never thought that you would really leave me, nor did you think that you reallyTo leave me so heartlessly, the things that I fear are really here, and the illusion I have been insisting on is really, disillusioned.

Without your eachother, I would not be so nostalgic, if not for those who were fatal, I would not be as sad and physically and mentally as today. Our bits and pieces, after all, desolate between you and me,Maybe you and I are the eternal true love left in memory. We have no way to go back to the beginning, I know we have gradually faded out of each other's world, I know ours Love Destined to be imperfect, I also know that we have missed each other in this life.

Hong Chen Mo Lu, in the end is ruthless, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it ’s just a journey. Years pass, everything will end up in the dust and haze. I am always living in my fantasy, those fantasy companionsI went through one desolate night after another, the taste, only I know, how bitter it is. Facing a passing feeling, I can't always delete you from memory, so deeply hidden,Nostalgia. After all, there is no escape from desolation, such as the desolation of this cold autumn.

Until now, I finally know that we ca n’t go back. The reality is so cruel, it completely broke the strong and sensitive heart. Those painful memories are gradually blurred in the passing years, and the distance makes me untouchable.Your breath, I can only choose to look far away, and your silence makes me really have no courage. It is a pity that the person who accompanies you to the end is not me. I know that it is only me who is sad now.It ’s not you. Now that I ’m doomed, I will let go. From then on, I will take a detour on the way with you, but I will turn to see you, see your back disappear before my eyes, and then I will plant acacia inIn my text, wait for the day when the red beans are hanging.