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Peak loop to essay

Time: 2020-02-03 Recommended visit : Composition on Road

"Wow! Mom, this school bag is so beautiful!" When I saw Snoopy printed on my face, a pink blue school bag with crystal blue edges rolled around. My eyes were like bees staring at nectar..

I do n’t know who inherited it from me. Generally, I do n’t like to confess it directly when I encounter this kind of thing. I always like to turn around and circle around and wait for someone to drill of course, they are usually mothers.

"Want to buy it?" Mom said softly with a smile. Smart, too smart! It is indeed my dear mother, the son knows everything, so powerful!

"Huh! Slightly ..." According to my experience with the enemy, once I show an urgent expression, my mother will definitely say what to do before I say it, but if the performance is flat, my mother will chase you insteadAsk if you want to buy.

It seems that Sun Tzu ’s art of war still needs more research. This genius is completely miscalculated this time.

"Not good."

Ah? Damn! Mom, how can you hurt your son's young mind so much. However, for the schoolbag that I love at first sight, I want to turn my grief into strength, use my strength to send acting skills, and strive to the end. I saw my handStaying mother, face towards the schoolbag, eyes reluctantly, small mouth slightly froze, without saying a word, both feet took root as if moving.

"Do n’t pretend, you want to coax me with that little subtotal, not to mention that there are no doors or windows. There are two more to buy." Mom said the reason for not buying. It seems true this timeI ca n’t buy it, I guess I ’ll say never to see this cute schoolbag again. Hum! If you do n’t buy it, do n’t buy it, but I always hug it. Seeing my bulging look, auntie shopping in the supermarket togetherLaughing. Suddenly, a voice from nature sounded in my ears: "Okay, mother does n’t buy auntie, smile and my nickname take whichever you like."The schoolbag is already in the shopping cart, and even mother's opposition is invalid.

It's a heavenless road. Originally there was no hope. Whoever thought of the summit would turn around and was in a good mood, I decided to accompany these adults to visit the entire supermarket without complaining.