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Youth Park Composition 400 words

Time: 2020-01-28 Recommended visit : composition about the park

Sunday, sunny and sunny, me and Dad Happy to go to People's Park.

Entering the gate, there is a rockery on the front, with small holes on the top, and a dense bamboo forest next to it. There is a small soil slope on the east side of the bamboo forest. A bunch of tender green grass is drilled on the soil slope,The ground was covered with a thin carpet. Standing on the dirt slope, a tower was hidden in the trees in the distance, and a small river surrounded the park like a jade belt. A gentle breeze blew through, and the calm river surface rippled.With a laugh, a boat floated slowly across the river.

The northeast corner of the park is the recreation area, which is our favorite place. It is so lively, I ran happily and saw a round pool, all kinds of goldfish swimming in the water with big tailsSwimming, several adults are also playing, they are intently fishing for goldfish. "Ah, hooked!" With a cheer, a red goldfish threw himself and struggled under the hook. "Papapa", ILooking back, several uncles were ballooning, and the crowd of onlookers burst into laughter. A large slide was full of children, one by one screaming and sliding down. I got into the crowd excitedly, preparing to play ducks..I hugged the water gun and aimed at a bunch of ducks. As the current rushed, the ducks were rushed into the hole. Ah, no, several ducks were washed away. I calmed down and twisted the muzzle.The water slowly rushed them over. "Kill! Kill!" I drank and drank, one by one, the ducks went into the hole obediently. "Forty ducks, awesome." I jumped happily, in the parkMy aunt also awarded me a toy.

The sun is going down, I left the park with reluctance.