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作文 One: A story about the wind

What an ancient parable. You may be impressed that it came and went in a hurry, without any trace. I traveled mountains and rivers, scoured the gravel in time and space, and found the true meaning of this parable :

Only the wind can cross the thorns.

Dickinson described life as the inside and outside of a fence wall, we climbed layer by layer. In fact, this layer of fence is covered with thorns. When we pass, we are often bruised and physically and mentally destroyed. At this time, you seeAt that time, the wind was twirling outside the wall, whistling indomitably, and the air was condensed with spectacular marks.

We are traveling in this ancient journey of life, running through bumps, frustrating Rigne ?, sorrow is full of grief, pain is everywhere. We are tired, but we cannot rest; we are suffering, but we cannot avoid it.We've been here, Feisha walked over the rocks, we were covered with scars, and we had to face a jungle of thorns.

Thoreau said: "You can hear the noise of the river here. The ancient wind that lost its name blew through our woods." Perhaps asking the ancients can understand the true meaning of life as the wind.

Su Shi saw the wind. This once brilliant literati began to lose heart because of the Huangzhou poem case. He drifted around and was troubled. On the moonlight night in Chibi, he was disheartened, watching "the wind on the river, the moon in the mountains", and heThe dream of the magical crane dancing faintly. Facing the deep frustration like the river, he saw the wind howling at the top of the mountain, circling, and then walked through the dark thorn forest with the pain of tearing his bones. Suddenly, his heart was sullen.Blocks, lingering pains go with the wind. Frustration, pain, only to forget.

Episode. So he was happy and red, sentimental landscapes, and eventually his name fell through the ages. However, the wind of that night has been left in the years and no one has seen it ...

Van Gogh saw the wind. He was lying lazily in the sunflower field, struggling with a difficult question and pain: the exhausted painting was actually one that nobody understood and one that could not be sold!For a person who regards art as life, no one appreciates his art is like no one takes his life seriously. This is a kind of contempt and contempt! This is the biggest frustration in a person's life!

Fortunately, he saw a gust of wind passing through the sunflower field. The gust was blocked, making an angry roar. However, they moved forward! Forward! Regardless of the body torn by the swaggering branches, they succeeded.

So he also succeeded. Shortly after his death, paintings such as "Sunflower" are rare treasures of great value today ....

There are too many stories about the wind. When the wind blew the horn and passed through the silent thorn forests, I believe that many wise eyes saw what it was showing.

Only the wind can pass through the thorns. Only the learning wind can we despise all setbacks, let the pain disappear, and let the joy fill the journey!

Composition 2: A wind

Somehow it rained in the middle of the sun. I pour my head out of the window and saw the gray smoke on the gray concrete floor. I was spitting out the smoke. The burning of resentment against this scorching sun, thisThe rain is nothing but a waste of money, unable to calm down the restlessness and exhaustion as expected.

The wind blowing from a distance passes through countless towering buildings, walks inaccessible, passes over the wooden signs on the tower, scattered leaves on the ground and the crowded streets of pedestrians, and disappears again in the citySomewhere, like cynical people, this city is just a magnificent garden. There are many fascinating places about the wind that are often ignored by people who are busy with their livelihood. Many childhood dreams are like rightThe promise made by the wind allows the wind to be easily taken away. When a person returns to the age of 100 years, the wind will bring this dream back, accompanied by a touch of sadness in the night ...

The wind I am fascinated with is completely the wind I imagined thousands of years ago.

The entire earth is silent like a drowsiness, the countless yellow sand covers the eyes. The broken gravel is scattered around, countless pale birds fly across the sky, hoarse calls or far or near, gray featherFluttering and fluttering in the air. Endless wind, full of wildness like a lion, arrogantly cross, flying off the sand and stones, chasing flying birds in the air, conquering timid decline like hunting; endless wind, As the old tree goes through the vicissitudes of life, its wisdom is always unpredictable, and it talks with the elderly like time ...

A kind of wind, in a dream.

Composition 3: Thoughts of the Wind

Wind, she was washed by rain dew, she was purified by the clouds, and came to the world quietly. --- The wind of the four seasons has different colors, giving people different feelings.

The green spring breeze blows the river water, blows the green willow branches, and blows the red flowers. Although she hurries and hurries, she takes away the heavy snow and welcomes the mild sunshine;After the desperate winter, we ushered in the spring of hope. She wiped off the child's tears and smiled; she swept into the heart of the prodigal son, warm as spring.

Spring breeze, you are slender and gentle, giving infinite hope!

The blue summer breeze is blowing quietly. People outside are involuntarily taking a deep breath. The wind blows away the dry heat on their bodies, which instantly makes people feel cold. It feels cool like entering the blue ocean.

Xia Feng, you are silent and steady, giving people a very refreshing!

The golden autumn wind came to the field, to the side of the stream, to the mountain. She brought golden ears of rice, sweet fruits and fruit. The earth was under the supervision of the autumn wind, and she changed into a charming autumn dress. YouLook, that golden autumn chrysanthemum is bursting with a smile and welcomes autumn. You see how sweet it smiles, but how can you think of it, in order to welcome the autumn wind, after the germination of spring and the brewing of summer, it blooms in autumn.You see, and the flying leaves are dancing, as if it is the most vigorous person to welcome the autumn wind.

Qiu Feng, you are selflessly dedicated, giving people a joy of harvest!

The silver winter wind, biting cold. The gray high wall did not stop her footsteps, and the pale shadow of the sword could not obliterate her beliefs. When encountering the thorns of the mountain, she would whistle unyieldingly. We are in a bumpy stateRunning, lingering in frustration, sorrow is full of grief, pain is everywhere. We are tired, but we ca n’t rest; we are bitter, but we cannot avoid it. The scorching sun has come, the flying sand has come over, we are covered with scars, and we have to faceTo the jungle of thorns. Only the wind can pass through the thorns. Then only the learning wind can we despise all setbacks, let the pain disappear, and let the joy fill the journey.

Winter breeze, you are tough and strong, giving a new life in despair!

I always like to stand in the wind, open my arms, close my eyes, feel the presence of the wind, and let her disturb my long hair. Because only in the wind, I can feel the power of the wind, I canForget all the annoyances and see a glimmer of hope from the wind. I will be as tenacious as the wind and overcome all the setbacks. At that time, I will definitely show a happy smile!