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Ou Ye Ni Grande Reading Notes

Time: 2020-01-28 Recommended visit : Reading notes

Eugenie Grand Terrace translate1171

I have recently read Balzac's << Ouyanni Grande >>, and I have learned a lot. Ouyuni Grande is one of the four miser, he often lures each other when he starts businessI was tricked into winning a lot of money, and his six relatives did n’t recognize him for the money. He had a wealth of money. He deducted his wife ’s expenses, and let his daughter eat fresh water bread. Greedy and stingy. Money is his God.With his eyes closed, he suddenly saw that the cross on the priest was gold, and he was resurrected. When the priest asked him to kiss Christ on the cross, he even reached out to grab it, which also exhausted all his strength. The author portrayedThe characters are really interesting. Hey read Ouye Nilangtai

Re-reading Ou Ye Ni Grandai also reminded me of a Chinese money-servant through the same way. When he died, he didn't swallow. He kept drawing and doing movements with his hands. He just couldn't understand. Finally, hisThe wife understood that it turned out that he was pointing at the lamp in his house, which meant that the two wicks were too wasteful, and his wife gave him a pinch of breath that he swallowed.

Hey, stingy really does not end well !!!

Ou Ye Ni Grande Reading Notes

Balzac ’s description of Grande in the book is a must. The vivid image depicts the image of a wealthy slave. In fact, the character of Grande is not only a treasurer. He is also very smart and keen. He has the brain of his life.They are all involved in how to get gold coins and Francs, and do not hesitate to use their daughter's marriage as bait.

He has a clear insight into when, where, and where he can make money. He has n’t lost his humanity. He has n’t pushed his daughter to a place where he ca n’t survive. For him, I think this character is pitiful and hateful.On the one hand, he pityed him to become a slave of money, on the other hand, he hated that he was a slave to the money, and he was a slave to the money. For the money to be close to the level of the six relatives, it is an irreversible sorrow in his life.

Maybe until the moment he closed his eyes, he did not experience the true happiness of life, he will never know the life of a person, any emotion, whether it is Love Or family love, even true friendship is much more reliable than those coppers without temperature and emotional attachment.

Ou Ye Ni Grande Reading Notes

I think that the most distinctive character in this book is the Grande. He is greedy, cunning, and stingy. Money is the only God he worships. Observing gold alone has become his hobby. Before his death, he did not forget to tell his daughter to watch.He lives in gold. He started his business as a master, often pretending to be deaf and stole the other party to be cheated and win the game. He has a lot of money, but the cost is saved, every meal, candles every day, he personally quantifiesDistribute. For his money, his six relatives do n’t recognize it, withhold his wife ’s expenses; ask his daughter to eat fresh water bread; his brother goes bankrupt and he is indifferent; his nephew begs him, he ignores it. Finally, he swallows because of the money.Although she still kept a simple life after her father ’s death, she was kind: she used the money for charity and education. This was quite rare in that era. However, because of her father ’s love for moneyAnd his relationship broke down, in order to wait for the sweetheart who betrayed himself to consume precious youth. Ou Ni's tragic image accused the money poisoning of the society at that time.For all the money around the community, is another form of complaint, she was swallowed by a money innocent victim.

When I closed this book, my heart was filled with emotion: for money, human beings can ignore their affection. A person like Grande, on the surface, is the master of money, but actually a slave of money.