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Reading notes 500 words high school Italian forest

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translate1171 500 words high school Italian forest

The book is broken through ten thousand volumes, the writing is like a god. The flower blooms in the spring, and the study is in the teenager. The teacher often says: "Students need to read more while they are younger and read a good book." I was a child who loved reading since childhood.After the semester teacher recommended "Yi Lin" to us, it became my favorite book. I read every "Yi Lin", and I already have more than 20 "Yi Lin" in my bookcase.

On this day, the nineteenth issue of Yilin came. I arrived home and hurriedly opened the book. One page, two pages. I was like a hungry wolf, reading greedily. At noon, Dad Say to me several times, "Let's eat!", I didn't respond at all. I always read "Yi Lin" with great interest. Later, my father came and told me not to read it. I reluctantly put down the book and ate a few bites.Me came over to continue reading, I was eager to read "Yi Lin", it made me put it down, and in the afternoon, I finished reading.

Remember that time, when I was at school, I watched "Yi Lin" while walking. Suddenly, the sound of the whistle shocked me. It turned out that there was a car beside me. I hurriedly crossed the road and put "Yi Lin" in my schoolbag.I kept reminding myself: to control, safety first, and not to read books on foot. After eating at night, I started to read, and didn't finish reading until very late, my mother said to me: "It's time to sleep!""She knew that what she said to me had no effect. She simply turned on the killer and turned off the light. I secretly picked up the flashlight beside the bed and continued to read attentively. She turned off the flashlight and went to sleep."

"Books are the ladder of human progress and the spiritual food of human beings." I need books. I love reading. Books are my best friends and my eternal spiritual pillar. In the future, I will not only read "Yi Lin",Read more books!

Reading notes 500 words high school Italian forest

Every book has its beautiful melody, everyone has their own unique feelings about this melody, and dances with the melody in the book.

"Yi Lin" is not as boring as the famous one, it looks dull and boring, unlike the myth, it makes people intoxicated, but the thinking is separated from reality. It is the road to success, educating us to succeedIt must be soaked in sweat behind it. It talks about the philosophy of life and guides me to take the right path in life. It talks about lofty morality so that we can have a good model in our hearts and can always remind ourselves to be aQuality people.

As the saying goes, “Evergreen is evergreen, there is only one real ear.” I can feel this emotion in "Yi Lin", read the shocking picture, and freeze it in my mind. Those words that touch people's hearts sometimes make people feelShe burst into tears.

You can follow it through time and space tunnels, to visit the beauty of the Middle Ages, to appreciate the moral principles of doing things with ancient people, to admire the new technology, how clever it is.

It has written the vicissitudes and frustrations of history and the dawn of hope.

It writes many life experiences, let us participate in the model, let us learn to look at things rationally.

It writes that if you never give up, you will succeed, and you will continue to fall.

There is a sentence in it that I will not forget for a long time. Does it say that the boat we just set sail can afford the heavy love of our parents?

I do n’t know ...

Time goes by again, in a blink of an eye I am already a junior high school Graduation Yes. I also read the book for many years, and asked myself, did you really learn from overheating? What did you learn? If there is something you do n’t understand, is there reflection? I care about every day, is it a hairstyle, is it important?These are found in this book.