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Yu Qiuyu's "A Thousand Years Sigh" Reading Notes

Time: 2020-01-28 Recommended visit : Reading notes

This holiday, I read Mr. Yu Qiuyu's "A Thousand Years Sigh" while being bored, and followed the author to a whole-hearted "Millennium Journey". Its purpose is actually to travel around the world in a polite ancient country.Appreciate the essence of human politeness and feel the exotic customs and customs. So they chose Greece as the first stop of the trip, passing three polite ancient countries other than China, Egypt, India, and Babylon. The author's journey was tens of thousands of kilometers.In the world's major courtesy monuments, when looking for the ancient polite roadbed of human beings, they found that there are so many sections of blurred grass, trenches, and bandits.

Turning over Yu Qiuyu's "Sigh of a Thousand Years", I was immersed in the lonely desolation in front of my eyes, without bright colors, without a bustling scene, only the ancient courtesy that once had its heyday and now faded so thoroughly. Humanity is slowly destroyingDrop your own politeness. Politeness has fallen under the halberd's sword. War and killing have worn away this thousand years of politeness. Only extreme poverty and backwardness, extreme ignorance and ignorance, and politeness and barbarity are only one step away.The birthplace of is the earliest place to start using words, but at this moment it has become the place with the most illiteracy, which is a wonderful irony.

Among them, Persian courtesy, Hebrew courtesy, Egyptian courtesy, Greek courtesy, and Babylon courtesy ... At this moment, there are only a pile of ruins, and the ruins are buried with their courtesy and disappear together.

The world is a big village. People used to live their lives as they were, but one day after that, someone from one family snatched a little money from another and succeeded, so some villagers followed suit.It makes every family and family self-danger and secretly practice martial arts at home, making the whole village restless. This is the world we are now. War will hurt both the defeated and the defeated, it will destroy the courtesy of the two parties, and it will make the peopleDisplacement, poverty, natural disasters ... and ensuing, will leave people with great pain.

I walked through ten countries one by one, and the author revealed in shock and sadness: "The megastructure of human politeness collapsed so desolately!" "The rotten grass and rubble carries a disaster from ancient times to the present, all destruction isSpecifically, all grievances are difficult to express! "

As the lyrics sing, once every thousand years, the mountains are high and the water is long. The wheels are rolling and the ancestors entrust me to visit. I am the cloud of Kunlun, I am the wave of the Yellow River, and I am the phoenix of Nirvana and fly. PharaohMausoleum, the wall of Babylon, the night tide of the Greek seashore, the cool autumn breeze in Jerusalem. I am the tear of the ruins, I am the wound of the next generation, where is the Brahma by the Ganges?

Once in a thousand years, the mountains and waters are long. Some people in the East look back on me. My ancestors asked me to visit. I am Qu Yuan's dream, I am Li Bai's sing, I am Nirvana's Phoenix and fly! So I am glad I am a ChinaPeople, fortunately, there is a strong and great motherland behind us. So we must do our best to learn to protect those ancient courtesies, to teach my juniors, and to tell them the thousand-year history of Chinese politeness.Only at this moment of our glory. The thousand-year history of Chinese politeness is the heritage of our nation.

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