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Teacher's Reading Notes Excerpt

Time: 2020-01-28 Recommended visit : Reading notes

1. Every cultured and educated person yearns for the joy of creative labor, and the enrichment of life brought about by the creativity of labor.

2. Don't ask the child for things he cannot do.

3 The skills and arts of teaching and education is to make every child's strength and possibility come into play so that he can enjoy the joy of success in mental work.

4. For each lesson, you must prepare for a lifetime. How do you prepare for this? It is reading, reading continuously every day, and forming a lifetime friendship with books.A river of thought. Reading is not for tomorrow's lessons, but for inner needs and thirst for knowledge.

5. In your ocean of scientific knowledge, the basic knowledge in the textbooks you teach to your students should be a drop in the ocean.

6. The time for teachers to work and create is like a big river, and it depends on many small streams to nourish it.

7. Students' intellectual development depends on good reading ability.

8. In order for students to gain knowledge from thinking, teachers must have a full understanding of students' knowledge.

9. Don't let students memorize things that they don't understand and don't fully understand.

10. Only if the student is not required to make any mistakes in class can he become a person who reads and writes correctly.

11. Understanding is not equal to knowing, understanding is not equal to knowledge, in order to obtain solid knowledge, you must also think.

12. Please do not hesitate to set aside time for each class to let students master the new textbooks.

13. It is better to score less, but each score must be weighted and meaningful.

14. If the student feels that he has no direction to work hard and feels that he can do nothing, this will be the biggest depression for his spirit.

15. Make every effort to convince students of their power.

16. The joy of success is a huge emotional power.

17, review is the mother of learning, do not let it become a queen mother.

18, let go of the details when reviewing, grasp the main points.

19. Observation is the mother of thinking and memory knowledge.

20. Reading is an important means of intellectual education for students with learning difficulties.

21 、 People who don't write well are always those who don't read well.

22, Let students regard the subject you teach as the subject that interests them most, and make as many teenagers as possible yearn for the illusion of creating something in this subject field that you teach. Do thisIt is something you should be proud of.

23. Teachers know ten to twenty times more than the syllabus requires.

24. A wise thinking teacher can give students time.

25.Learning should be conducted in the broad background of a multifaceted and rich spiritual life.

26. Reading should be the most important birthplace that attracts students' hobbies.

27. The first hobby of students should be the love of reading, which should be maintained for life.

28. Books can not only create smart heads, but also cultivate smart hands.

29. Preparing attention through reading is one of the most important conditions for reducing students' mental work.

30. Please remember: You are not only a faculty member of your subject, but also an educator of students, a mentor of life and a moral guide.