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Sample of reading notes

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Part One :读书笔记

A person who says goodbye to weapons is not a captive of the enemy or a captive of love. I am not good at self-protection. I am really a person who gives up self-protection. Just like the database of life, there is no need to enter the password.All programs can be opened and all files can be read out. The captives I am talking about are the captives in this sense. When I put myself in the sun, I understand that there can be no disguise from now on.Disturbing. When I realized the frustration of resistance, how much time was irretrievable, and how much memory gradually faded out of my heart. In the final analysis, a captive is a person who ca n’t resist the harm.Understand all the pressures of survival. Originally, in a space that belongs to an individual, one can immerse in one's fantasies, and can bloom virtual flowers from the dust. And a person who gives up self-protection can't even deceive himself, but constantly purifies his heartworld.

Part Two: Reading Notes

There are a group of children playing games in a large field of wheat. There are tens of thousands of children, there is no one nearby-there is no one adult, I mean, except me. I am standing there.By the cliff. My job is there> Watch, if any child looks at the cliff, I will catch him-I mean the children are all running, and I do n’t know where I am going,I have to come out and catch them. I do this all day. I just want to be a watchman in the wheat field.

Part Three: Reading Notes

"Education of Love", I read it in one breath, although I did not cry, but I assume that this is a book that cleanses the soul. What attracts me is really not how high its literary value, butIt lies in the perfect parent-child love, teacher-student love, friendship of friends, love of the country and the country reflected in the ordinary narrative ?? The deep emotional power exuded by this love-filled novel is really great.Although everyone's life experience is different, you will experience the similar emotions that I have experienced from "Education of Love", which moved me and also caused me to think about love.

Part 4: Reading Notes

"Education of Love" compares love to many things. I think "what is love" will not have a clear answer, but I know that "love" is not limited, as small as the friendly conversation between classmates, The teacher ’s encouragement to the students, the parents ’meticulous care for the children, and even a smile from the people who meet each other? It ’s so big to donate bone marrow, donate blood, and help hope engineering? Although the air-like love is sometimes" polluted "", Or even" disappear ", so I hope more people can feel the deep love in the plain language, I think this good novel will bring this kind of beautiful feeling to more people.

Part 5: Reading Notes

After reading "Education of Love", I walked into Enrico's life and witnessed how they learned, lived, and how to love. I was touched and found that love contains the pursuit of life. Love is not onceTravel at the end, walk along the way

While watching, it will be very relaxed, and every day will be enriched by the perception of new things and learning. So, I want to continue to go, even devote my enthusiasm, do n’t care how long it will last. At this time, this feelingHas been sublimated into a kind of love, a kind of love for life.

Part 6: Reading Notes

"The Adventures of Onion Head" is an interesting book, and everything that happens inside is very thrilling and very interesting.

I think the protagonist onion head in this book is a clever, clever, small carrot, small cherry and others who are fighting against the violent rule of Lemon King, Countess Cherry, and Tomato Knight, although they have experienced all the hardships in the struggle,But still won.

I also think the wording of this book is very vivid and makes me feel as if I was there. I really like reading this book.

Part 7: Reading Notes

A few days ago, the teacher sent me a "Best" Composition ". The book that impressed me the most is an article called" Mother's Love. "The story is that a little boy sprained his foot while playing, and his mother dragged him to the hospital with a heavy body.During the hospitalization, my mother was waiting for him all the time and stayed up all night. After a few days, my mother lost a large circle. After returning home, my mother left all the good dishes to him for eating, but he only caught green vegetables.The boy left tears while eating.

I was deeply touched by this article. What a touching mother's love! When we are happy, it is our parents who are happy with us; when we are doing something wrong, we are parents who forgive us; when we are sadAt the time, it was our parents who comforted us; in the world, parents are the best, the greatest, and the most selfless. Mother, for us, it is so great to dedicate love to us completely!

"Whoever speaks in the heart of the grass will get Sanchunhui". Through this story, I understand: I want to study hard and use my grades as the best gift for my mother.