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500-meter reading notes of 20,000 miles under the sea

Time: 2020-01-27 Recommended visit : Reading notes

Have you read the book "Twenty Thousand Miles Under the Sea"? Did its fascinating plot attract you? Recently, I read this book. I was deeply moved. This is an undergraduate adventureAfter reading the novel, I learned a lot of truth.

The book tells the story of a group of crew fighting with a giant sea monster. A ship sailing on the sea suddenly hit a unknown "reef". The gap left by the hit ship is perfect, andThis "reef" is moving from here to there at an incredible speed. Since then, there has been a lot of bleeding on the people on the ship. Some scientists immediately rushed to the sea area where the accident occurred, risking their lives to catch and study this monster. They were looking for in the stormy wavesThere are many difficulties that ordinary people cannot imagine, and they have stubbornly overcome them. The book also vividly describes the magical underwater world, revealing many mysteries in the unfathomable ocean.

In the past, I also encountered many difficulties in learning, especially mathematics. As soon as I found some topics difficult, I wanted to give up, and refused to use my brain to think. I asked my mother or classmates.After the book "Twenty Thousand Miles", I received a great education. The difficulties I encountered were nothing compared with those of scientists who were involved in the underwater world. No matter what difficulties I encountered, I had to find a way to overcome it.You cannot “go around” in order to become a brave and strong person. I must work hard to learn scientific and cultural knowledge, and I will also explore the magical world of science in the future!

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