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Reading Notes of "The Other Side of Sky Blue"

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"The other side of the sky blue"读书笔记

This is the deepest parable about life and death, this is the best gift for children.

This is a touching and inspiring story.

Little boy Harry lost his life in a car accident and went to another world, waiting to enter the sky blue shore. But he still missed his own Dad , mother, sister, teacher and classmates, but do n’t know how to convey their heart to them, until he encounters a ghost called Arthur, Arthur sneaks Harry back to the world to say goodbye to relatives,And express apologies and love to them.

There are 13 chapters in this book. In a warm tone, it describes a child who unfortunately left the world and misses his family in another world. He also understands love, affection, friendship and trust.

This is a book that is most suitable for reading in our time. The simple, fresh and warm text teaches people to learn to care for life, evoke people's most sincere emotions, and present to people the most sincere touching and the greatest love.In the glory of unreachable human nature, life and death are felt.

Britain is a typical Christian country, because of the long tradition of witch culture, from ancient times to the present, the British have talked about all kinds of myths, legends and ghost stories, which is also one of the highlights of this book..

It is a small book, because he is not very large, it seems that he can finish reading in an hour, but because of its shortness, his pure appearance is particularly attractive. He is full of true feelings between the lines, he not onlyIt is a fairy tale, a novel, but also a sensitive and patient discussion of life and life.

I suddenly felt how good it is to live, even if you are not happy, you can be at ease; because you are still alive, we are still alive, we can love our family, hate the people we hate, eat KFC, McDonaldsListening to Tan Jiexi ’s song, complaining about the exam and the weather, and living freely.

Life is on the left, the other side of the sky is blue, there is a utopia with memories and regrets on the right. I am fortunate to pick up the other side of the sky, and watching a child's monologue in the heart of heaven is also a happiness.Kind of luxury.

I like "The other side of the sky blue" because it is pure, because it is fresh, because it is a very good little book, I like it very much.

Reading Notes of "The Other Side of Sky Blue"

The author of "The Other Side of Sky Blue" was written by Alex Hill. This book tells about a boy named Harry who came to another world because of a car accident. This is what people call heaven.Where Harry met Arthur, Harry and those people had a common destination that is-the other side of the sky blue.

After reading this book, I have a deep feeling. Harry has an older sister named Yadan Ke. But Harry always called his sister Duck Egg. I also have a younger brother, and I would somehow make me inexplicable. Sometimes it made me angry., I will also say some excessive words and even fight with him. As a result, both of us were very stunned by our parents and shook hands and reconciled under the supervision of our parents. After a few days of calm, we started to fight again,I was educated again by my parents. I just enjoyed my life like this. I really did n’t think about what would happen if my brother and I disappeared from the world one day and my parents would wash their faces with tears every day?In the memory of my younger brother before? I do n’t know, I really do n’t know! What will happen to him if this family is missing. Although, I had hoped that my mother did not give birth to him. But after reading this book, I changed myidea.

Remember, there is a book called "Death" mentioned in the book "The other side of the sky blue". The last paragraph of the book says that if we only love life and not death, it is because we are not reallyLove life. I think that this book is right. From the time we grew up in our mother ’s stomach, we have a life and a new beginning. Death is the end of our life and another life.s inception.

People always find out after death that what they tried hard to pursue during their lifetime is worthless after death.

Death, in fact, is not terrible. It only depends on everyone ’s attitude towards it. Some people look for immortality medicines in order not to accept the coming of death. How many innocent people have been killed, and the result is not self-defeating. SomeDisgusted with life In order to greet death more quickly, how many people die silly and die from attitudes towards death?

Cherish the happy life now! Cherish all the people who love you! Maybe you are still alive in this second, will you die in the next second?

Reading Notes of "The Other Side of Sky Blue"

I read a book in one breath-"The Other Side of Sky Blue".

"The other side of the sky blue" is a masterpiece by the British writer Ax Hill, about the little boy Harry died in a car accident, waiting in another world to go to the other side of the blue, he met a famousThe ghost of Thur ’s boy. Arthur took Harry and sneaked back into the world to say goodbye to his missed teachers, classmates, father, mother, and sister, and to express their apologies and love. When Harry saw the sticker in the school classroomFull of small poems, pictures, photos, and watercolor paintings on his wall, it was discovered that it was not just his good friends who were missing him, but also his enemy, Jeffie, who liked him and was very willing to be friends with him., Jeffie also proposed planting an oak tree for Harry on campus. When he returned home, he saw his sister who was quarreling with him posted pictures of Harry growing up with her in the house-she missed it so muchhe!

This wonderful journey made Harry gradually discover the truth of life.

Mentioning death always makes people feel dark and cold. But this book touches me with a relaxed, humorous tone, fresh and warm text, let me understand that death is also a site of life, sky blueThe other side of sex is the end of life and the starting point.

I think, blue sky, golden sunlight, green grass, red flowers, the love of father and mother, the friendship of teachers and classmates, can live to feel all the world, how beautiful! Learn to goFeeling and cherishing the beauty in life, learning how to love, and how to return the love of parents, teachers, and classmates are the most important things in life. Give someone a help they can, even if it is just a smile, it will make people feelWarm, will make you feel warm.

Each of us should love life and feel all the beauty of this world, and do n’t forget that we must also create beautiful things for this world.

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