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Yueyang Tower Book Reading Notes

Time: 2020-01-27 Recommended visit : Reading notes

My first feeling is beauty: Yueyang Tower stands on the head of Ximen Town, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, and on the bank of Dongting Lake. Since ancient times, it has a reputation of "Dongting Tianshui, Yueyang Tianxia downstairs.", The upper and lower sky light, one hundred million hectares; sand gulls gather, Jinlin swim; shore Yan Tinglan, Yu Yuqingqing. Or a long smoke, Haoyue thousands of miles, floating light and gold, static shadow sinking, fishing songs answer each other, what a joyExtreme! Dengsilou also has a sense of openness, love and disgrace, and puts the wine in the wind, and its joyful people. "This paragraph, because as long as you ascend the Yueyang Tower, you will have an open heart and a happy spirit; both glory and humiliation will be forgotten,Holding the wine glass against the wind, the mood is really happy, which fully reflects the magic of Yueyang Loumei.

Second, I feel the sorrow of Fan Zhongyan. From this paragraph, "Coward! I try to find the heart of the ancient benevolent, or the other way around, why not? I do n’t want to be happy, not sad.Worry about their people; far away from the rivers and lakes, they are worried about their princes. They are also worried about advancing but also retreating. However, when will they be happy? They must say "the first world is worried and worried, the next world is happy and happy."Wes, who do I return to? ", Because it means: Alas! I have explored the thoughts and feelings of ancient people with high morals. Maybe they are different from the above two moods. What is the reason?Good or bad and your own gains and losses, or joy or sorrow, being a senior official in the court is worrying for the people; not being an official in the court is worrying for the monarch. So it seems that you are also worried about being an official in the court, and not worrying about being an official in the court.. In this case, when will you be happy? Then you must say, "Before the people in the world are sad, you are happy after the people in the world are happy." Hey! If there is no such person, who am I with?It also fully reflects Fan Zhongyan's sorrow.

"The Story of Yueyang Tower" let me know the beauty of Yueyang Tower, and also made me understand "Before the people in the world are sorrowful, and then they are happy after they are happy."