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Grass house reading notes

Time: 2020-01-27 Recommended visit : Reading notes

When I closed the book, somehow, the tears ran like a broken bead. Maybe it was because the boy in this book, Sang Sang, failed to stay in his own end.After six years of primary school life in Yau Ma Tei Primary School, he must leave this place that will make him unforgettable forever; bid farewell to his dear teachers and friends ...

The author of this famous pure beauty novel is Cao Wenxuan. The whole book mainly introduces the six-year elementary school life that is memorable and unforgettable by the boy Sang Sang. During these six years, he witnessed or participated directly in a seriesA seemingly ordinary but touching story. All of this is clearly displayed in the world of the young Sang Sang. These six years are the six years of his education.

When I read the article "Red Door", I was deeply moved by a boy named Du Xiaokang. Because he told me the truth: no matter how difficult it is,Never give up lightly, cheer up and work hard. I believe that in this world, there are always more ways than difficulties! And I ca n’t compare with him. For example, in my study life, But whenever I encounter a big thing with sesame seeds, I want to retreat. When I can't do a problem, my first reaction is not to use my brain to think about the problem, but to ask my classmates to help; when I have no patience in writing, I have just finished writing hastily things quickly ... Since I read this book, I have been reflecting on myself: Now that our living conditions and learning conditions are so good, why ca n’t we study hard and return in the futureThe motherland? And Du Xiaokang? If you want to learn, you ca n’t learn. He, he is overwhelmed and lacks strength, and can only be reduced to stealing other people ’s books quietly. We have learned now, and the teacher teaches it.Hold this wellA chance to learn. Thinking of it, a sense of shame surged into my heart. Du Xiaokang can study hard, why can't I? I have been thinking about eating, drinking and playing, how to enjoy, and my mind is all on this.Should n’t I be ashamed? Should n’t I find a ground drill? Should n’t I learn from Du Xiaokang?

Let me remember this person-Du Xiaokang. It was he who made me understand this truth. He is like a bright light on my growth path guiding me in the direction!