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4 Reading Notes for The Old Man and the Sea

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"The Old Man and the Sea" is a book written by Hemingway, so about "The Old Man and the Sea" Reading notes How to write? Next, the editor compiled 4 reading notes of "The Old Man and the Sea", welcome everyone to read.

"Old Man and the Sea" Reading Notes 1

Since I have read the book The Old Man and the Sea, my biggest feeling is that Santiago does not shrink back when encountering difficulties, and is not afraid of danger, perseverance, courage to face, and never give up. It is worth learning.If we also encounter difficulties in our lives, we cannot easily give up. We must face up to them, dare to challenge them, and bring them down.

In addition, through my investigation, "The Old Man and the Sea" is Hemingway's masterpiece and a symbolic novel. This book mainly writes that the hero Santiago is an old fisherman.Without catching a fish, he finally caught a big marlin alone, but the fish was too big. He dragged his boat on the sea for three days and three nights before he was exhausted and tied up by him.On the side of the boat, but encountered a shark attack during the return journey, and only left the fish head, tail and a bone when returning to the port.

Although this is a simple story and a short piece of work, it has a lot of meaning. In addition, it contains many beautiful sentences, which have a very profound meaning. We understand all the contents thoroughly before we can truly read this book.Book. So we must read it carefully and seriously, and understand everything in it.

"Old Man and the Sea" Reading Notes 2

If I am an athlete, then the story of "The Old Man and the Sea" is the applause of the audience; if I am a boat, then the story of the "Old Man and the Sea" is the engine of the boat; now I am a primary school student, thenThe story of "The Old Man and the Sea" is the motivation that made me study hard.

The old man is dark and thin, and the wrinkles on his neck are like gullies, telling me the vicissitudes of years. His face is covered with brown spots, which are long-term fishing at sea, and the sun on the tropical ocean isThe mark left on his face. The brown spots extended from the sides of his face, and his hands left deep scars because he pulled the fish with a rope again and again. Everything in the old man was so vicissitudes, exceptThose eyes, they are as blue as sea water, always flashing with joy and disapproval. The old man is the fisherman Sandia.

Sandia depends on fishing for a living, but after a long period of eighty-four days, Sandia has not caught a fish, but he is convinced that he will be able to catch a big fish tomorrow. Sure enough,On the eighty-fifth day, Sandia harvested a fish larger than his boat. But just as Sandia returned with a full load, the blood that killed the big fish attracted sharks, and the old man's big fish.He was eaten bit by bit by the shark, but he was not discouraged, fighting the shark tenaciously. In the end, the old man defeated the shark with a strong will, but the big fish was only eaten by the shark.

Sandy ’s little move—persistence and never give up, reminds me of Wen Tianxiang and Yue Fei, the outstanding sons and daughters of the Chinese nation, under the threat of the enemy and strong and unyielding; buried in ruins during the Wenchuan earthquakeThe people in the next struggle with their own strong will to create a miracle of life! When I look at myself, I am ashamed, because in life I have no perseverance: when I write a brush, I always write badly.Called: "Ah, don't write or write." When I was half-cleaned, I wasted halfway because I was tired. After reading The Old Man and the Sea, Sandia became an example in my life :

Difficulties come, take courage to overcome it! Failure, never give up!

"Old Man and the Sea" Reading Notes 3

The book The Old Man and the Sea tells an elderly fisherman who fought fiercely with a giant marlin in a bay far from the coast.

The protagonist of this book is a local old fisherman, San Diego. He is a fisherman, but he hasn't caught a fish for 84 days. So few people want to follow him. ButNo matter what, there was always a little boy named Manoline beside him, who was always with him. The old fisherman refused to give up and refused to give in. He always believed that he could catch a big fish. Finally, a few days laterThe old man caught a huge marlin. But that marlin had been pulling the old fisherman's boat deep into the sea. But the old fisherman did not give up the marlin. After a few days he finally subduedThat marlin. But just as he was about to return, several big sharks smelled bloody and swam over. Eventually the marlin was killed by the shark.

Maybe just started, San Diego is fighting for money, but later, he silently admired and admired the perseverance of this marlin. Until the end, this marlin was eaten by the shark, I think he shouldWill be sad, sad for the death of Marlin.

In fact, life is an endless pursuit. Even if the road ahead is long and difficult and full of ups and downs, we only need to bravely meet the challenge with a confident heart. We must be a true winner!

"Old Man and the Sea" Reading Notes 4

Because of the need of reading class in my class, I bought a book called "The Old Man and the Sea".

The book The Old Man and the Sea tells a fisherman named Santiago. Although he is old, he still goes fishing for many years. On one occasion, he went out to fish and suddenly caught a big fish.Fish, but on the way back, Grandpa Santiago encountered swarms of sharks. Grandpa Santiago tried his best to use paddles and sharks to fight, and the sharks ate up all the meat they could eat.. As a result Grandpa Santiago dragged back only the skeleton of a big fish.

Throughout the fight with the sharks, the old man was not intimidated by any difficulties. He did his best to fight the hardships of life in an indomitable struggle. He said a famous saying: "A man is not bornYou are about to be defeated. You can destroy him, but you cannot defeat him. "This kind of never-spiked spiritual inspiration also moved each of us.

One more thing I want to talk about is the little boy. Although he left Grandpa Santiago and caught up with a good luck boat, and that boat can hit big fish every day, he still did n’t teach him to fightGrandpa Santiago of the fish. I also come to help him with his work every day and invite him to drink. But at the same time I am sad for the parents of the boy who just let the child leave him because Grandpa Santiago can't catch the fish.This decision is a great blow to Grandpa Santiago. I also think that the boy is very kind. Although he knows that the pot of yellow rice, fast nets and fish that Grandpa Santiago said are all false, but did not say it.They blame each other like this every day, and I feel sad for them.

Yes, a person is not born to be defeated. You can destroy him, but you cannot defeat him.