Reading essay of "The Grass House"

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"The power of beauty is greater than the power of thought; no matter how profound a thought is, it will become obsolete or become common sense. Only beauty is forever."-Cao Wenxuan.

In this long summer vacation, what I am most proud of should be after reading a thick book-"The Grass House."

The story takes place in a charming village, Yau Ma Tei. It is a small village planted with many maples. Every autumn, the maple becomes red one by one, which is very red.

The story is divided into nine chapters, telling the six years of elementary school life that the boy Sang Sang's unforgettable and unforgettable life. During the six years, he has witnessed or directly participated in a series of seemingly common but moving, touching stories.It is clear and dimly displayed in the world of young Sang Sang. These six years are a wonderful and precious time for him to receive enlightenment education.

As soon as I opened the book, I was attracted by Cao Wenxuan's wonderful writing. It seemed that I entered the old times and saw the simple and pure elementary school life far away from my parents.

Sang Sang is the protagonist of this book, because he is the child of Yau Ma Tei Primary School Sang Qiao. This unique condition allows him to live in the grass house from beginning to end. But once this lively and cheerful little boy Sang Sang suddenly got it.Rat sores. My father directly left the school's busy business and carried Sang Sang for thousands of miles to seek medical treatment. Sang Sang struggled on the edge of life and death, but he courageously fought against Death, all the way. After several setbacks,Finally he was cured by a gray-haired old man. This story tells me: No matter how difficult it is, you can't shrink back, but you must face the facts with an optimistic attitude.

Many like Sansang have an optimistic attitude. For example, Nick Hu Zhe, who has no limbs since he was a child, he often says happily: "No hands, no feet, no worries!" What is even more incredible is ﹕Nick can do everything from horse riding, drumming, swimming, and football. In his opinion, there is nothing difficult to do. As a child, he was ridiculed and rejected by many classmates, but he still faces the facts with a good attitude.Before Nick became a well-known speaker, Nick had an unbearable experience. At first, Nick went to schools around the world to ask for opportunities many times, but all refused, he did not flinch, and finally got a 5 minute lecture time.How precious these five minutes are to Nick. Slowly, Nick's deeds are so popular that they have attracted the attention of many people. Nick Huzhe has created a miracle of life in this way.

I am a child with a strong self-esteem. Whenever I get to the competition, I will practice hard and develop the brilliance on the stage. What can be exchanged is a tragic result, and I will cry and cryIt ’s like a broken bead falling down. Even if the emperor Jade came, I did n’t take it. But I read Sang Sang ’s story and let me know as long as you maintain an optimistic attitude, even if it ’s no matter how difficult it isWill sneak away by your side.

"The brave Sang Sang, the quiet paper month, the sensible Du Xiaokang ..." I want to say goodbye to you. The book "The Grass House" attracted me like a magic, it let me knowChildhood is not a gorgeous castle, but the warmth of a piece of grass. Maybe no one can get out of their childhood. As long as we taste it carefully, we will feel extremely warm.