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"Kite Chaser" after reading 600 words

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I often imagine that I come from the future, so that one day I will be more calm in the face of sudden changes at some point in the future, and I will be more generous in the face of old age.

Since it is impossible to predict the future, then more people are willing to rely on memories, relying on that little and trivial memories to support the future. Some memories have smiles, some memories have tears, some people grow, someIt's embarrassing ... Some stories start from childhood memories.

Afghanistan, a very familiar place name. Newspapers and news always show news about it. It only gives me the impression of four words—the war is raging, but "Kite Chaser" brings me a real Afghanistan. ALuxurious manor, under a pomegranate tree, two children are playing. Amir and Hassan, the rulers of Kabul, the children really promised that they did not know that the "prince" and the poor child could not become brothers becauseThey are not equal.

All the pictures of Amir and his servant Hassan who are brothers and sisters appear as brothers and sisters, and readers will sigh that their friendship is so deep. The two walk side by side and play in the field when Amir is bulliedHassan always rushed forward to protect him, Hasan likes to listen to Amir reading, even if Amir's story is boring.

However, some things cannot be changed, he is the master, he is the servant; he is Pashtun, he is Hazara, he is Sunni, he is Shia ... just like two railroad tracks,When there is no intersection. Hassan always says "for you thousands and thousands times" and the cowardly Amir will only choose to escape. Perhaps, this is the cause of tragedy.

In order for his father to see that he can also succeed in one thing, Amir struggled hard, cut off the last kite's thread, and let Hasan pick up the dropped kite and immerse himself in joy.Hundreds of times for you. ”Hassan ran away, his voice still echoing in the sky. When he saw Hassan ’s other wealthy master trapped in the corner and used violence, Amir, the Hassan ’s most trusted friend,She curled up in the dark and looked at the dark red blood next to the kite until she burst into tears and didn't dare to rescue him. Fate was probably the most foolish. Amir was so ashamed that he had let Hasan leave in a framed manner.I got home, immigrated to the United States with my father, and got a wife, Family .

After receiving a call, middle-aged Amir returned to his native country without any hesitation, and Afghanistan is no longer good at this time. Hassan is his half-brother, Hassan is dead! Hassan is dead!Salvation begins, and Amir, despite his comfort, finds his childhood rival and competes with him for Sorabo Hassan's son.

Sorabo may be too scared to become normal because he only sees the kite. Amir chased the kite that has drifted in his heart for a long time and became a real man. Amir ’s ending is happiness.Yes, but he understands that the price between each other is sometimes fate.

Everyone in life is Amir, and they are constantly searching for Hassan who has long since passed away, either laughing or crying, or disappointed, or comforting. Life may be spent in constant memory and pursuit. I thinkThe emotions in the book are not only family relationships, friendships, but also the weakness and helplessness of friends in crisis situations, the sadness and loneliness of losing their loved ones, and when they should be responsible, they escape and inferiority and atonement. Life is the sky, or the blueOr gloomy, looking at the kite in the distance, we dance, we pursue. There are gullies, hillsides, crests, and tiredness along the way. However, no one stops, because we are kite chasers.

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