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After reading the troubles of Young Witt

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Goethe's "Troubles of Young Witt" is a famous book in the history of world literature. I read it when I was in school, but I seem to understand it. I read it again and I have some experience. The reason why Goth who lived in the 18th century becameA great writer is because he has insight into human nature itself. Some words in the book still have a lot of guiding significance for us today.

"Well, this person is really a monster who is accustomed to blame yourself! And I, dear friend, I assure you that I will definitely change the strings and never add fate to us as I always did.A little bit of pain is used to chew the aftertaste repeatedly; and to enjoy the present, let it pass. Yes, good friends, as you said: if people do not use the imagination so endlessly to call the pain of the pastRemembrance—God knows why people make it look like this ... but if they think more about how to get through their eyes, there will be less human suffering. "

This paragraph reveals the nature of some aspects of human nature. People can easily blame themselves and love to chew pain. Life is a process of experience and a process of accumulation. If you live with an attitude of life, life will be easyMany. Success is experience, failure is experience, making money is experience, losing money is also experience, elation is experience, dying struggle is also experience, Family Harmony is an experience, and renegade is also an experience. Everyone can only have his own experience, and no one can replace anyone. But life is also a process of accumulation. Today you are the accumulation of the past. People like happiness and do n’t like pain.. But happiness is like wine, and it is easy to evaporate, and pain is like water, not easily.

Why is happiness easy to pass and pain will accompany people for a long time? It depends on why people are happy and why people are suffering. People get happy when they get something that meets their wishes or encounters things that are beneficial to them.. Finding satisfied objects, getting money, getting positions, eating delicious food, enjoying beautiful music, etc. will make people happy. From the above example, we can see that the basic characteristic of happiness is to get. People lose or can not getThings that satisfy one's wishes or encounter things that are not good for oneself will be painful. Losing money, arguing with others, being misunderstood, failing an exam, and being unwell can all cause pain. From this we can see that pain is related to lossAnd cannot be closely connected. After getting it, people will get used to the convenience brought about by things and property, and they will quickly become numb. Psychologically, people will attribute their gains to their efforts, so they are very psychological.Balance. And loss will bring inconvenience to the life that people used to. When you have something, you can choose not to use it. For example, we have many thingsBut rarely used, so you have a choice, so you will not be painful. When you want to use something and you do not have it, you will be painful.

Many people live in the past, chew the lost love, remember the glory of the day, regret the mistakes of the past, and others look forward to the future or worry about the uncertainty of the future. For people, what really means is the presentThat is what Goth said. People can only lose with the present forever. The past is lost forever, and the future is volatile. If you want to grasp life and improve your happiness index, Goth ’s suggestion is: moreConsider how you can get around.

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