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Lubin Sun drifting after reading 450 words

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In the West, there is a novel, Rousseau, the most prominent thinker in Europe in the 18th century, suggested that every teenager, especially boys, should read it. This book is "Robin Sun Drifting". The story in the book is notComplicated: Robinson, who was born in the merchant's house, is not willing to live a mediocre life as his parents did, and yearn for the sea life full of adventures and challenges, so he resolutely abandons the comfortable and comfortable life, sails away from home and sails privately to realizeThe dream of traveling around the world, but every time I tried hard. One storm overturned the ship, and Robinson was thrown by the waves on a deserted island, where he spent 28 years of loneliness. The main part of the novelIt is a description of his life on this desert island. In addition to the wonderful and bizarre stories, the most attractive part of the novel is the character of Robinson: he dares to take risks, dares to pursue freedom and free life.

He will never be discouraged even on a deserted island. On an island that is deserted and lacks the most basic living facilities, he is alone and overcomes many difficulties that ordinary people cannot imagine. He survived with stubborn persistence. No houseHe built it himself. Without food, he tried hunting, planting millet, training goats, and drying wild raisins. He also fumbled himself to make tables, chairs, and pottery. In the 24th year on the island, he rescued a wild man., Named him "Friday". Under his education, "Friday" became a loyal slave. In the face of life difficulties, what Robinson did showed the tough character and heroic character of a tough guy, Embodies the spirit of creation and pioneering. Now in the West, Robinson has become synonymous with adventurers and a hero in the hearts of millions of readers. After reading this book, I can't help but ask myself: If I am like a bookRobinson in the middle was stormed at sea like this. Can I fight the storm like him and finally escape from the deserted island to be rescued? I'm afraid I have been drowned by the sea and swallowed by fish and shrimp.If I drift to an isolated island, how many days can I live? What can I do? Will I chop firewood? Will I hunt and cook? I will be clumsy even when cleaning! We should learn his spirit of fearlessness at any timeWe must live strong everywhere, even if there is only a glimmer of hope, and we must not give up! We must be as ambitious, perseverant, and willing to endure hardships as Robinson, to create wealth, create miracles with our own hands, and achieve the finalvictory.