After reading "Never Stop"

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Never stop, just like the title of the book, the green space has changed from the green space in China to the green space in the world. You can really understand the green space from the book, understand the green space, and see the development and change of the green space. The 2 years of stormy weather make the green space showOut of the spirit of enterprise: never satisfied, change thinking and strong; never stop, striving for first-class. Behind the bright and brilliant glory, various honors are how many green people are hard-working, weather-hard, and how many green areasPeople abandon their sleep and forget to eat, and work hard at midnight.

Resoluteness and perseverance. Resoluteness is the goal, that is, the chairman Zhang Yuliang and Greenland's dedication to the goal; perseverance is the attitude, that is, the courage of Chairman Zhang Yuliang and the greenland to face difficulties and frustrations. Only tactics, no strategic companies, not far"One main and three majors", accelerating and strengthening one main business and advancing the three major strategies, that is, continuing to strengthen the real estate industry, and accelerating the development of three major areas of "big infrastructure, big finance, and big consumption." As the chairman himself saidSaid, "The core of the green land development strategy is the word" time and trend. Transformation and upgrading are always the norm in green land. "For the distance, the pursuit of green land will never end, never satisfied, never stop.

Since entering the big green area Family Beginning, "Set goals, grasp deviations" always keep in mind, I always hope that I can integrate into the new environment as soon as possible. Only by never being satisfied and never stopping can we be better qualified for the job position.The courage to forge ahead, continuous learning, continuous improvement, continuous development, courage to challenge, and always enthusiasm for the work! Full-time commitment from day to day, tireless study, and the spirit of green space that never stops and struggles has long been deeply imprinted in every green areaPeople's hearts are also imprinted on my new employee.

The desire for work success must be firm and patient. Every job must be accompanied by sweat and tears. Every green person should shoulder more responsibilities. Equal, reliable, and necessary work attitudes, and no orderTo create a bar, move forward, stand firm, and never stop moving toward success.

Through reading each section and paragraph in the book, I felt the development process of Greenland Group from nothing, from small to large, and from one victory to the next; let us deeply appreciate the hard work of Greenland GroupI am aware of the positive spirit of the green space enterprise spirit and the courage of the green people to overcome difficulties. Behind the glorious creation, there must be a group of fighters who can persist in their hard work and hard work. As a new person in the green space, I will ""Satisfaction, never stop" entrepreneurial spirit spurs ourselves to work hard.

The collection and combination of every small job, weaving into the company's goal, only a continuous upward goal, upward development, and upward strength can achieve a great company. To meet the green land, only time. Can createFor those who are not green, we can only work together and never stop.

Learning is endless and never stops. Let China's green land become the world's green land, and work hard for the world's top 200.