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After reading with wife

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The long-suffocated sky finally couldn't help sobbing. The leaves were rustling, and scars were drawn for the desolate night. At this moment, all things were dead and the wind was raging ...

A faint light, twinkling in the dark. I saw his eyes are sandy. The black ink chrysanthemum opened at the tip of the pen. His eyes changed as the tip of the pen moved. The pen paused, sinking like an abyss; the pen mentioned,Tears are falling; tears are blurry when the pen is dropped. The aging and twilight of his wife and his wife are slowly aging in the heart, and the taste is suddenly mixed.

Just after the first snow fell, a full moon hangs in the sky, the clear moonlight, straight down, and dappled through the sparse plum blossoms on the snow. Also stands side by side with her, sometimes whispering, sometimes covering her faceAnd laugh. Her laughter is as crisp as a silver bell, and her smile is brighter than that of the red plum that was first released. She is so beautiful, how can he make her face show the slightest sorrow? So he determined that he would rather her in this lifeLet him go first, and don't want to let her die alone to leave her alone.

However, the sky is unsuccessful, why do you want to be born in China today? Born in China where treacherous officials corrupt and dominate the country! Born in China where wolf dogs cruelly compatriots! Born in China where powers are bound to divide up!Separated in two places, China with eyes and bones and fossils! "Life is a hero, and death is a ghost." He loves her more than everything, but only the people at dawn! He knows that only bloodshed will awaken HuaxiaThe children fought bravely. He bears her alone, but not the world!

But he has no choice, and the thought of seeing death as homecoming becomes stronger with every incident that makes the Chinese people feel ashamed. The country broke down and the family died, and where does the country come from? Even if the land is hard to fight, you must fight to the end!

After reading, my face is hot. Since Lin Juemin has given up his life, he has to give up his love to revive the motherland! So why do I shirk my responsibility? "The world rises and falls, and my husband is responsible!" I read for the rise of China.Chinese children, let us bravely shoulder our responsibilities!