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After reading "Chinese Painting"

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Zhao Tingyang once said that when the political game degenerates into an administrative game, although this game of administrative struggle is high in intelligence the level of conspiracy is amazing, it is extremely low in spirit, and it does not have any spirituality.Meaning, no spiritual pursuit, no ideals, the meaning of morality and aesthetics has degenerated to zero, and there is only a simple shameless struggle. The various "political struggles" recorded in Chinese history since Qin and Han are actually no politicsMeaning, but only some court battles, court battles and local and central struggles that are beyond the imagination of people in absurdity, cruelty, metamorphosis, insidiousness, boredom, etc., are pure competitions for power and interests for power..

The imperial examination system seems to have successfully encouraged the general enthusiasm of people to learn knowledge, but the Confucian ideology is stipulated as the only learning content. People only learn some replicative knowledge. According to the bureaucratic empire system, only learning is goodIdeology is the only way to be an official, and being an official is the only way to maximize the benefits of intellectual investment in this society. Such temptation basically denies all other intellectual investment directions, and the intellectual career of the empire shrinks to become a learning ideology.This kind of learning is not to develop and innovate, but to consolidate the established concepts through continuous repetition and experience. This ideology that always copies itself almost completely destroys the intellectual cause of the empire and makes the mind and spirit desert.

Whether it is morbid humanity or thin intelligence, it is destined that the bureaucracy has no way to concentrate on changing the status quo and cleverly and correctly accomplish a useful thing. It may not even have a way to know that in addition to maintaining its own existence,There is something worth accomplishing, and it has no way of knowing what is beneficial. It will fight inside, it will torture its owner, and it has no ability to cope with external challenges.

If there is an official, there will be an officialdom; if there is an officialdom, there will naturally be officialdom rules; if there are rules, there will be a deciphering rule. When the day is over, the rules and the deciphering rules will become cultural,It is integrated into the human blood, and finally precipitates as part of the national character. This is why official literature is only available in China. But not all official novels are called official literature. When it comes to official literature, there is one person,No matter whether the reader is only for reading or scholars doing research, he can't bypass it. He is Wang Yuewen.

If other official novels always like to create a bright tail to show the correct direction of the main melody, then Wang Yuewen is a tragicist, but his novel characters are always in trouble, his ideals are shattered, and his career is long.Clear, tasted the warmth and coldness of human beings, dyed the body and soul both melancholy, unwilling, and finally completed the official career with a stance. Zhu Huaijing first gained momentum, then lost momentum, and was eventually demoted to the next county and city.It ’s just a shell, for another shell, such as the workplace, and then university, it is also a beautiful literary work.

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