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400 characters after reading the necklace

Time: 2020-02-01 Recommended visit : After reading

I leaned quietly on the balcony, holding a shabby and shabby paper in my hand, and read the novel book under my dad's bookcase for more than ten years.

One of my favorite is "Necklace", which is a popular piece of short stories in the world. The image depicts the heroine Mrs. Rovacell who is obsessed with vanity and glory for a moment, and loses valuable borrowedNecklace. In order to quickly return the necklace to the owner, I found a bunch of identical ones, but the price scared them silly.Thousand francs to others. In order to repay this huge debt, the couple paid ten years of bitterness. It is unforgettable that at the end of the novel, the heroine learns from the necklace owner that the diamond necklace is actually fake., It's no more than five hundred francs.

After reading it, I was really disturbed by Mattier. I think she was so sad. Why did n’t she ask the necklace whether it was real or fake at first, and why did n’t they pass through their brains?I think this necklace is real. I spent so much money in vain to make myself like that. This is not to blame others. I can only blame myself for being simple. In fact, there are many such things. You must know what you do.Everything must be thought through the brain and then defined.

A light breeze blows across my face, whip-like hair hits my face, I hold a book ...