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After reading "Who Moved My Cheese"

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Comics, cartoons, fables, fairy tales, and villain books have made me tireless. In addition, I also like to read inspirational books. I have eaten various versions of "Carnegie" and drank various "chicken soups.""The book" Who Moved My Cheese? "Seems to be a combination of all their flavors.

On the surface, "Who Moved My Cheese?" Is not much different from many other beautifully decorated books, but it is a little thinner, about 40,000 words. It writes a lovely allegorical story, and each page is equipped with a master.Funny and cute comic image. But this small book, which created a miracle in the publishing industry in Europe and the United States: Since September 1998, published by the Putnam Publishing Company, 20 million copies have been sold in two years踞 The first place on Amazon's online bookstore is about 80 weeks, and it has quickly jumped to the top of the best-selling books in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Business Week.

There are 4 "characters" in the book-two little mice "sniff", "hurry" and two dwarfs "hum" and "唧唧". They live in a maze, and cheese is what they are looking forSomething. One day, they also found a rich cheese warehouse at the same time, and built their own happy life around it. One day after a long time, the cheese suddenly disappeared! This sudden change exposed their mindset undoubtedly: smellSniffing and hurrying with the changes, immediately put on the shoes that always hung on the neck, began to look out again, and soon found fresher and richer cheeses; the two dwarfs hesitated and hesitated to face the changes.Indeterminate, troubled, always clinging to recollection and complaining in the beautiful illusion that has disappeared, unable to accept the cruel reality that cheese has disappeared. After fierce ideological struggle, I finally broke through the constraints of my mind and put on long running shoes.Re-entering the dark maze, and eventually found more and better cheese, while Humming is still depressed in the inquiry of the sky ...

"Cheese" is naturally a metaphor, representing whatever we most want in our lives, it may be a job, it may be money, Love , happiness, health, or peace of mind, etc.

Living in such a fast, changeable and crisis era, everyone may face a completely different situation from the past, and people often feel that their "cheese" is changing. All kinds of strong external changes and inner onesConflicts and interactions make people feel confused in various changes. First, they ask—who has moved "my cheese"? Then they are at a loss for the new life situation, cannot properly cope and fall into confusion.If you are always suffering from the "lost" pain, the "decision" dilemma, the "disappointment" helplessness in all kinds of sudden changes ... then life itself will become an obstacle. The maze of life is large, and you willStaying in one of these corners to settle down and live for a long time, as the age grows older, he "does not bother to change" or "does not have the courage and passion" to change and pursue.

I like this book, because it is a lovely story, which easily and lucidly clarifies the chaotic life. When a person confused by the change sits in front of a dirty mirror, he wants to see his true faceAnd in a hurry, "Who Moved My Cheese?" Is like a wise man, with a white towel to wipe away the stains on the mirror calmly, so that the confused person can really find out what his problem is.

Author Dr. Spencer Johnson is a well-known thought pioneer and best-selling author in the United States. In addition, he is a doctor, an expert on psychological problems, and a master at simplifying profound problems. After he clearly understood contemporary public psychology,In this book, it creates a mirror that is generally needed by society-how to deal with and face changes and crises in the information age.

A contemporary poet said, "Today, the whole world needs comfort." The writer catered to the huge psychological needs of the world, opened up people's hearts with a small parable, and brought a kind of innerEveryone has the courage to face "soft psychological problems" that is, personal psychological problems other than medical morbid psychology, also known as "normal psychological problems"

The world is changing. "Who moved my cheese?" Tells us the easiest way to deal with it is to hang your running shoes around your neck, always ready to wear it, and run in the ever-changing world.