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Three thoughts after reading "Maomao"

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Time is not money, time is life! Life is in our hearts! The following is the post-reading of "Maomao" prepared by the editor, welcome to read it.

After reading "Maomao"

The first time I heard the title of "Maomao", I thought it should be a good book. After reading it, the consequences did not disappoint me.

This book was written by Mitchell End, the most famous science fiction novelist in Germany. It mainly tells the story about time. As the saying goes, "one inch of time, one inch of gold, inch of gold is hard to buy", time is like airThe same, neither can be wasted nor used too much. For example, Fein in the book, he is a hairdresser. He used to spend a lot of time to practice singing, but now he has no time to go, but all dayBusy, busy, even a bit like this. There is another man named Nickla, he is a bricklayer. He used to go to find his friend Maomao, but now there are more and more things on his site, every dayHe did n’t go home until midnight, so he could n’t find Mao Mao anymore. But who caused all these consequences? Why did they do it? In fact, they were “gray gentlemen”, so-called time thieves, who specialized in stealingOthers' time.

In our life, there must have been many experiences like Fein and Nikola, at least I have experienced. Once I finished my homework at school, thinking about chatting with my mother when I got homeBut who knows that my mother has already arranged everything for me: eating, reading, practicing the piano, doing homework ... This series of trivial things has been busy for me all night, let alone chat. But these days have passedAfter a while, my mother and I felt like we lacked some fun in communication and interaction. Afterwards, we slowly returned to our previous days.

"Maomao" this classic book, I learned how to arrange time reasonably, cherish time. I hope everyone will have time to taste this good book again!

After reading "Maomao"

I read a book called "Mao Mao", which is very interesting. It let me know: arrange time reasonably, not waste time.

This book tells the incredible story of a time thief and a little girl: Mao Mao is an orphan living in an abandoned amphitheatre. No one knows how old she is. In this small town, she knowsI have made a lot of friends, such as Lao Beibo and Ji Ji ... They all like Mao Mao. As long as there is anything, they will go to Mao Mao and they will listen to them seriously. After that, they will go home happily..

It did n’t take long for Maomao to discover an amazing secret: It turns out that Mr. Gray has been stealing other people ’s time secretly. Anyone who has seen Mr. Gray has no smile, and every day knows that work makes money,Treating time as wealth, there is no time to talk to others, and there is no happiness. One day, Maomao followed a turtle, Casio Peia, to Houla, met the time spent, and knew how to defeat Mr. Gray. Maomaohe"Mr. Gray" fought a fierce battle, and finally Mao Mao won. She returned the time Mr. Gray snatched back to everyone, and people were happy.

I remember one time, I was a guest at Zhang Zetai ’s house. He lay on the sofa and watched TV. He had been seeing 5 pm from 11 noon. He did n’t even eat lunch and did not write homework. It wasted an afternoon. IWhat? It ’s a waste of time. Usually eating and writing homework wastes an extra 20-30 minutes. But mine Dad But he is very diligent, he is busy working all day long and often can't even eat lunch.

According to this, I realize that "time is life". The life of a person is short. The key is to see if you value time. If you value time, time will value you. If you waste time, time will not value you.

After reading "Maomao"

"Maomao" is a work of German fantasy literary master Mitchell End, also known as "The Mystery of Time", which tells the incredible story of time thieves and little girl Maomao.

"Maomao" in the book is a little girl who doesn't know her age and where she comes from. People like Maomao very much. They always say, "Go, go to Maomao." Maomao is very smart and has many different advantages.No, it ’s not. The only thing that Xiaomaomao can do that others ca n’t do is to listen to others. Many people will say they can do it, but how many can actually do it? Maomao only listensCan solve the problems and disputes of friends. Slowly, Mao Mao found that people were deceived by Mr. Gray everywhere in the city-drunkenly pursue the so-called rationalized and mechanized life, regardless of family and conscience.

So Mao Mao risked her life and saw Master Hula, the old man of time. In the kingdom of time, she discovered the big secret of the world and mankind-"time is life". Life is like a flower, and the birth of life is a flowerThe opening of life, the end of life is the withering of flowers, when the end of life, there will be the same flower of life opening, every time will be more beautiful than the original. Knowing this secret, she returned to real life and Mr. GrayFight, and finally won.

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