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Neighborhood Puppy Composition

Time: 2020-01-27 Recommended visit : Composition about puppy

The dog is the most loyal friend of mankind. Whenever I go out to see the puppy in the neighbor's house, I will be extremely happy. Although it is not my breeding, I still like it.

On that day, I heard the sound of "Wang Wang" outside the door. I immediately put on my clothes and got up from the bed and ran to the living room. I saw the puppy. I Dad Knowing that I like it, I deliberately obtained the consent of my neighbor and brought it home to make me rare. I was broke and hugged it in my arms. Two big watery eyes are darker than black grape, A little nose, like a black button, why is it always wet? A small mouth, lined with neat teeth, a slender tail, swinging straight when I saw me, covered with brown hair, lightShiny. It may also know that I like it, so I do n’t recognize it at all, just like two old friends meeting, it looks very happy.

On that day, what I still remembered was that I gave it a meal. I took the water into the basin, put it out of the bathroom, and placed it on the ground. It licked the water with its little tongue, and soon the water was finished., I took another ham sausage for it to eat, it looked like eating a big meal. I satiated with it for a while and felt it was a little dirty, so I took a pot of warm water and took himHold it up and put it in the basin, rubbing its back with soap, all over the body. After washing, I took a towel to dry him. It was very satisfying, running around the house, running to rub against me from time to time.Holding me.

Since then, it will wagging its tail and holding my trousers every time it sees me. I always caress it with a smile, and I have no worries at that time. I like this dog.