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Poems by Shi Hao Du Fu

Duhao Shihao

Mutou Shihao Village,

Someone catches people at night.

The old man walks over the wall,

The old woman went out to see.

What a anger!

Why do women cry!

Listen to the wife before the speech :

Three male Yecheng Shu.

A man attaches a book to,

Two men died in a new battle.

Survivor and stealing,

The dead are gone!

There is no one in the room,

Only the grandchildren

There is a grandmother who has not gone,

In and out of the endless skirt.

Although the old woman's strength declines,

Please return from the official night.

Urgent response to Heyang campaign,

I still have to prepare a morning cook.

Yekyu's words are absolute,

Something like crying and crying.

The future of Tianmingdeng

Independence and old man farewell.

Du Fu's Poem Appreciation

In the autumn of 758 AD, Du Fu was convicted of rescuing Fang Guan and relocated to Huazhou. At the end of the winter, he returned to Luoyang. At this time, An Lushan had been killed by his son An Qingxu, and An Qingxu was defeated by Luoyang, Retreating to Yecheng now Anyang County, Henan, is being surrounded by 600,000 troops led by Tang Zijun Guo Ziyi and other envoys. However, the faint Suzong feared that the authority would be too powerful and would not be a marshal.The eunuch Yu Zhaoen, who understands the military, served as an adversary, plunging 600,000 troops into a state of nowhere and nowhere. Shi Shiming had the opportunity to rescue Yecheng from Weizhou now the east of Daming County, Hebei, 759 ADIn March, the two armies fought in the Anyang area, and the Tang army was defeated. In order to supplement the troops, the Tang ruler forcibly recruited the people to fill the army, causing the people's hardship and uneasiness. Du Fu left Luoyang at this time, returned to the Huazhou office, and saw what he saw on the way.As I heard, I wrote the famous poems "Three Officials" and "Three Beyonds." "Shihao Li" is an article in "Three Officials." In the poem, the unreasonable system of tyrants and soldiers was revealed by catching people.In the deep disaster suffered by the people, showing the poet's strongLoving thoughts and feelings of the country.

The whole poem can be divided into three sections.

The first paragraph from the first sentence until the old woman went out to see the environment in which things happened is a prelude to catching people.

At the beginning of the poem, I used Shitou Shihao Village in Twilight. There were two sentences to catch people in the night. The environment and events were pointed out by Twilight. Mutou reflected the turbulence in the chaotic world, and the people were uneasy. As soon as it fell, they did n’t dare to continue their journey.Lodging. Village word revealed that in the years when the troops were in a panic, pedestrians did not dare to walk the road, only to find the small road, and Xiehuang Village. However, even in such a deserted village, the government mansion did not let go of the soldiers. Yezi revealed that the government mansion was arrestedPeople are fierce and cunning, knowing that they ca n’t catch people during the day, they can only arrest them at night.

The war-torn people have also had experience in this turbulent society, knowing that they will come to the door at midnight, and they must catch people again, so the old man walked over the wall and the old woman went out to see.

In the second paragraph, from the anger of the officials to the preparation of the morning cooking, the process of catching people is written. The first two sentences are contrasted with the escort woman and the two, which very vividly summarizes the brutality of the officials and the old woman.Sorrow, the use of two Yihe even more emotionally, reflecting the hostile hatred of the officials and sympathy for the old woman.

I listened to the woman's speech and carried it forward until it was so weeping and crying. It was the content of the stayer who heard the old woman crying and answering the anger in the room. These twelve sentences were not spoken in one breath.Instead, he repeated the questioning time and again. Let me first talk about the experience of the three men joining the army, the second man's death in battle and the old woman's pain. The two sons have sacrificed for the country, and the remaining one can only trust someone to come home.In such a family, the three sons have given up, and they still do n’t let go, and they are still angry, which shows that they are fierce and hateful. The living and stealing lives, the dead are already two sentences of infinite sorrow, helpless, living a day is a dayThe disappointment of her disappointment is expressed in full swing.

The second floor is more unmanned from the room to the endless skirt, and the poor life of the orphans and widows in the writers. The people have paid so much for the war. Is it the only wife who can rely on?Should n’t we be spared? Besides, the orphans and widows in the family all live in a well-dressed way, should the people be angry and rebellious about this suffering reality?

The third layer is from old woman's strength to having to prepare a morning meal, and writes about the old woman's determination to save her family and save her life. The old woman can't see all the complaints.Call your daughter-in-law, the grandson must starve to death, and hand over his wife. The family ca n’t be without a man, so the old woman decides to join herself in the army. For the ruling class, it is undoubtedly a bitter irony and angry complaint.Even such a weak old lady never let go.

The third paragraph is from the end of the night, and the voice is far from the old man, and the result of the incident is the end.

The words are absolutely silent, indicating that the old woman has been taken away by the officials, and the crying cry is the cry of the daughter-in-law.The family is broken. If the word Wen Wen is used well, we can see the concern of the stayers about the destiny of the host ’s family. It can be inferred that he was sad and angry and never closed his eyes overnight. The last sentence is unique and rich, and it is the first in the beginning of the poem.Jumu casts a stone echo to the village of Yaohao. When staying in the hotel yesterday, there were old ladies and old ladies coming out to meet, and now the old ladies were arrested, and the daughter-in-law had no endless skirts, so it was inconvenient to go in and out.I can imagine the mood.

"Shi Hao Li" is an outstanding realist narrative poem, its most remarkable artistic feature is to praise and depreciate in the narrative, this poem has 120 words, narrates a complete story, sentenceNarrative, no lyric words, no words, but through the narrative to express feelings, express the indignation in the heart.

Secondly, the poems are written very concisely, summoned before and after, comments expressed.

The beginning and the end of the poem are very concise, and the focus is on the middle part. The center is the old lady ’s complaint, which is written in specific details. If you only write a stay at the beginning with a sentence, you will immediately turn to a night to catch peopleTheme of.

Writing about lodging, only talking about Shihao Village in Mutou, did not write about the scene at that time, and then as the plot developed, it was natural to know that it was staying at the old woman ’s house. Another example was just writing about the old man walking over the wall without writing whenCome back; only write please come back from the night of the clerk, not write whether she was taken away. But after reading the sentence that escorts the beginning, ending the whole sentence of the single and the old man, I fully realized that: after the long night of the night, the old womanHe was taken away, and the old man probably did n’t return home until the officials left.

The image of the old woman in the poem is mainly completed through her complaint, and the life is portrayed to life. Other people, such as lodgings, officials, old men, daughters-in-law, etc., although not much ink, but very clear, Left a deep impression.