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Appreciation of Du Fu's "Quiet"

Appreciation of Du Fu's "Quiet Words"

Peer sentence

Du Fu

Two yellowbirds and green willows

A group of egrets go to the blue sky.

The window contains Xiling Qianqiu Xue,

Door anchors the Soochow Wanli ship.

Yellowbird: Also known as the yellow bird, the male bird has golden yellow feathers, the female bird has greenish yellow, and its reputation is subtle, and it lives in high branches. Egret: a white bird with white feathers and slender legs that can eat fish and shrimp. Chiaki:Thousands of years, it is a long time ago. Soochow: the southern bank of the lower Yangtze River.

The quatrain is the name of the poem style. The quatrain and the verse are modern-style forest poems in the Tang Dynasty called near-style poems in the later generations to distinguish them from ancient style poems. This poem is written with quatrains in the title of the poem, and because there are four same-style poems at the same time,So the co-titled "Four Quatrains" doesn't make it three-dimensional. This quatrain is the third of the four.

Each sentence of the seven-word quatrain has a scene in front of it. Two yellowbirds Ming Cui willow Yellowbirds inhabit high branches, at this time Ming and Cui Liu, the word length in ancient poetry is omitted, if it is added inMing Yu Cui Liu. Cui Liu shows that the willow leaves are greener in spring, and the yellow orb is softly whining on the branches of the willow leaves, showing the spring scenery.

A group of egrets on the blue sky and egrets fly high in the sky, and become more vibrant as the spring warms.

The window contains Xiling Qianqiu Snow. Looking out of the window frame, the long-standing snow in Xiling is clearly visible, as if it were contained in the window frame.

Doorship Soochow Wanli is moored in front of the door of Dongwu Wanli Ship, is it sailing towards the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, or is it sailing down from the lower reaches of the Yangtze River? Although the Yangtze River is long and the voyage is long, ships on the river always travel back and forthNo matter whether it is coming or going, it reminds the poet to go down the Yangtze River, to Xiangyang in the middle reaches, and to Luoyang, the hometown; because of this, he loves the Dongwu ship parked in front of the door.Daydream about it.

Although the four sentences all write scenes, the scenes written in the first two sentences show the spring and bright in color green willow, yellowbird, egret, blue sky, sound ming, flying, and motion, and the last two sentences are in quiet scenery distant scene, Close-up implied action; birds are so active in the spring and warm seasons, they can not be reflected in their indifferent minds. Of course, the poet’s eyes and prospects are more than that, he has a choice in the poems, because of the circumstances and emotions,Emotional framing, this is his selection criteria.

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