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Poetry Appreciated by Du Fu's "Moon Night"

"Moon Night" is a sentimental work of Du Fu who was banned in Chang'an, Mochizuki's home. With the help of imagination, he expresses his wife's thoughts about himself and his wife's thoughts.Graceful. Ancient poetry is just a work of art, a work of art that shapes the author's emotional world, or expresses a certain emotion, or depicts a certain expectation. Today, Xiao Fu shares the appreciation of Du Fu's "Moon Night" with everyone to learn together.

Moon Night Du Fu

Tonight's month fū, the only girl in the house looks alone.

remote pity for children, Changan is not understood.

Xiangwu Yunyun is wet, Qinghui jade arm is cold.

When to lean on the guise, double the tears to dry.

Note :

1. Laozhou: Fuxian County, Shaanxi Province. Du Fu ’s family was in Qiang Village, Laozhou, and Du Fu was in Chang’an. These two sentences envisaged his wife being alone with the moon in Luzhou.

2. Pity: Love. Unsolved: Not yet understood.

3. Yunqiao: Ancient women's ring hair accessories.

4. Xiangwu Yunchao wet, Qinghui jade arm cold: the night mist is not fragrant, the fragrance radiates from the wife's Yunchao; the bleak moonlight shines on the wife's jade arm, it looks cold. Wet, coldTwo words, write the scene that the night is deep and people are not sleeping.

5. Fake: transparent window curtains. Double photos: corresponding to the above single-view, expressing expectations for future reunion.

About the author :

Du Fu 712-770 AD, Han nationality, beautiful character, origin in Nangyang, self-named Shaolin Ye Lao, Du Shaoling, Du Gongbu, etc. The great realist poet in ancient China, known as "Poet Saint".Poetry 1 and Li Bai are also called "Li Du", and they are also called "Da Li Du" for the purpose of opening up with Du Mu and Li Shangyin. They are more than 4,400. They are originally from Xiangyang, Hubei, and were born in Gong County, Henan now Gongyi City.. Yuan Zu was the prestigious Du Yu of the Jin Dynasty, Nai Zu was the early Tang poet, Du Shiyan, and his father was Du Xian. When Tang Suzong was an official, Zuo Shiyi. After entering Shu, his friend Yan Wu recommended him to be the chief of staff of the Jiannan Festival.The staff member of the Provincial Engineering Department was inspected, so he was also known as Du Shiyi and Du Gong.

Explanation :

Tonight in Luzhou, there is a bright and bright moon. I see the moon here. My wife must be alone in the boudoir: I hope Xianggong will come back soon! The young children do n’t know how to miss their father who is far away in Chang’an,It ’s just quietly looking east and looking at something round in the sky: it ’s really beautiful, like a round white jade plate. Xiangwu wets his wife ’s hair, and the clear moonlight reflects on her snowy arms.Leaning on the window curtain together, looking up at the moon and letting the moon light dry our tears! I couldn't help leaving tears in my wife's heart!

Background :

Tianbao fifteen years 756 In the spring, Anlu Mountain was attacked by Luoyang. In May, Du Fu moved from Fengxian to his uncle in Baishui now Baishui County, Shaanxi north of Tongguan. In June, Changan fell, XuanzongAfter fleeing Shu, the rebels entered Baishui, and Du Fu fled with his family to Qianzhou Qiang Village. In July, Su Zong took the throne in Lingwu now Lingwu County, Ningxia, and Du Fu learned that he ran from Lingzhou to Lingwu alone.Captured by Anshi rebels and taken back to Changan. This poem was made when Chang'an was trapped in Chang'an, expressing his deep concern for the small wife's family in the turmoil. The love is deep and true.The poem is conceived in a way conceived by the other party, the heart has reached the spirit, the poem is flying from the opposite side, the sadness is subtle, the beauty is exquisite, and the word is not reflected from the moonlight "Reading Du Xin"Interpretation". Later poets often learn this method.

Appreciation :

titled "Moon Night", the author sees Chang'an Yue. If you drop ink from your own side, you should write "Tonight's Chang An Yue, only look at the girl". But he is more concerned that he has not lost his freedom and is uncertain about his life and death.Situation, but how the wife is attentive to her situation. So quietly moved, she drove thousands of miles, and wrote "Tonight's month in Zhouzhou, the only one in the boudoir." This has been through the first floor. He is only outside, of course aloneLook at the moon. The wife still has children around, why do you "look alone"? "The remote pity the children, without recollecting Chang'an" replied. The wife looks at the moon, not to appreciate the natural scenery, but to "remember Chang'an"", While the children are not familiar with the world, they don't understand" remembering Chang'an "! Using the children's" understanding memory "to contrast the wife's" recall ", highlighting the word" independence ", one more level.

In the couplet of two or two, the words "pity" and "memory" should not be slipped over easily. And this should be associated with "tonight" and "single watching" to sing. The moon is empty, the moon and the moon are bothYou can see. Especially referring to "tonight" of "tonight", then naturally there is the "same look" in the past and the "same look" in the future. The future "same look" will be left to the end. The "same" in the past"Look" is implied in the "One or Two" couplet. "Tonight's Luzhou month, the boudoir only looks alone. The children are far away from pity, and Chang'an is unresolved."-This is not a clear disclosure that he and his wife had "the sameLooking at the past of "Remembering Chang'an" together in the month of "Liaozhou"? We know that before the Anshi Rebellion, the author had been trapped by Director Anda for ten years, and some of them spent time with his wife. Endure hunger with his wifeIn the cold, they also watched the moon in Chang'an, which naturally left a deep memory. When Chang'an fell and the family fled to Qiang Village, they "looked at" the month of the month with their wives and "remembered Chang'an" together.It's already terrible! Now that he is trapped in a chaotic army, his wife "looks alone""Remembrance of Chang'an" is not only full of bitterness, but also intertwined with anxiety and panic. The word "recall" is profound and thought-provoking. Looking at the month of Yanzhou with his wife in the past"Remembrance of Chang'an", although with mixed feelings, still has his own worries for his wife; now, his wife "looks alone" at the month of Yanzhou and "remembers Changan", "remote pity" children are naive and naive, can only increase herBurden, how can she share her worries! The word "pity" is also affectionate and touching. The child is young and doesn't know how to miss it, but how can Du Fu not miss it ?!It can reflect the deepness of adults' "reading".

The third couplet further expresses "remembering Chang'an" through the image description of his wife watching the moon alone. Wu Shi Yun Yun and Yue Hanyu arms. The longer you look at the moon, the deeper the memories, and you may even worry about whether her husband is still alive.Can tears be filled with tears? And this is exactly what the author imagined. When I think about my wife's anxiety and sleeplessness at night, you can't help crying. When you look at the moon and there are tears, you can't help butAroused the hope of ending this painful life; so ended with a verse expressing hope: "When do you lean on the guise, do double photos with tear marks?" "Double photos" and the tear marks start to dry, then "see alone" without tear marks, It is meant to be out of utterance.

This poem expresses the separation of love by looking at the moon, but what is expressed is not the general feeling of separation of the couple. The author wrote in the poem "Shu Huai" written half a year later: "Last year the Tongguan was broken, and the wife was separated for a long time";"Send a book to ask Sanchuan the county of Yanzhou, where Qiang Village is located, I don't know if my family is there"; "How many lives are there? Is it even if you are in the same room!"The sorrow of the world is soaked in it, and the ideals of the four seas are shining in the brilliance of the "double photos". Between the lines of the words, the pulse of the times is clearly discernible.

titled "Moon Night", the words are drawn from the moonlight, and "single look" and "double photos" are the eyes of a poem. "Looking alone" is reality, but thinking from the opposite side, only writing about the wife"Looking alone" at the month of Yanzhou and "recalling Chang'an", and his own "watching alone" at the month of Chang'an and reminiscing of Yanzhou have been included. "Double photos" also includes memories and hopes: sentimental "tonight""Look", recall the same look in the past, and put the hope of leaning on the "virtual gulf" thin curtain and the hope of Yue Shuyue in the future without knowing "when". The words are polite and the rules are tight. As Huang ShengsuoSay: "The five laws are here, and there is no sacred poem!" With the help of imagination, I will describe my wife's thoughts about myself and my wife's thoughts.